5 Biggest Lies Baby Boomer Parents Told Us

Jamie Hustler

Baby boomers have always been the source of wisdom and guidance for those of us who came after them. But what if we told you that some of the things we took as gospel turned out to be half-truths?

Boomer parents allowed us to watch endless hours of TV for days on end. But times have changed! The harmful effects of screen time are now well-documented.

Unlimited Screen Time

No. 1

many baby boomers may roll their eyes and dismiss them as mere buzzwords. but its known theres use of harmful chemicals in food production.

“Organic” and “Sustainable” Aren’t Just Buzzwords

No. 2

Adults can benefit from sleep training too. In fact, sleep training is simply the practice of training yourself to get better quality sleep.

Sleep Training Is Not Just for Babies/Kids

No. 3

Rather than sending kids to sit in the corner, parents are now turning to “time ins,” taking a more compassionate approach to dealing with misbehavior.

Time Outs Are Out—Time Ins Are, Well, In

No. 4

,Someone needs to take care of those little ones while you’re trying to write emails and join online meetings.

Working from Home Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Need Childcare

No. 5

there is no need to wrap your baby in five layers of clothes like a mummy. In fact, keeping your baby too warm can increase their risk of SIDS.

The Baby Is Not Constantly Freezing Cold

No. 6

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