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Guidelines, Tips and Advisory

Guidelines, Tips and Advisory

Travel Notables.

The Bahamas is a popular destination for tourists but is it possible to travel to the Bahamas with a pet?  It’s not always safe to leave your pet at home when traveling.

Essential Requirements

You must meet specific criteria which prove the pet is healthy.  you’ll need to apply for an import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade & Industry in Nassau.


Some breeds of dogs aren’t permitted to travel to the Bahamas, including Pitbulls, Presa Canario, Staffordshire Terrier, Cane Corso, and American Bulldogs.


Preparing for the Trip

1. Prepare Suitable Transport Carrier & Airline 2. Pet Permit from Bahamas Ministry 3. Prebooked Hotel with Pet Allowances 4. Pet Essentials - Important Dependencies



– Your pet must have an import permit. – Pet must be 6 months of age or older. – Pets have to be vaccinated against rabies. – A Vet Certificate, Signed by vet 24h before travel.


Bahamas Cruise


No major cruise lines permit you to sail to the Bahamas with a pet. Save for one and that is Cunard, specifically on sailings from New York to Southampton, UK (or vice versa).

Airline Fee


Airline charges vary, however, $125 is the average cost for carry-on kennel as a guideline, which must be paid during check-in. If your pet is a service animal, the travel is free.

Pet Care in Bahamas


Bahamas is generally very hot, consider their body temp-needs, keep them hydrated and have any meds nearby if they need them, especially if the pet is not used to travelling.


While there is a lot to consider when you plan to travel to the Bahamas with a pet. as long as you are prepared and that you follow the pet import rules and get the necessary documentation.

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