7 Things Women Do That Guys Can’t Stand


When it comes to relationships, there are certain things that can turn men off. The Reddit community recently weighed in on this topic and shared their top turn-offs when it comes to women.

Lack of Honesty

Trust is key in any relationship, and if you can’t be honest with your partner, you don’t have much of a foundation to build on.

No. 1

Excessive Self-Centeredness

If you’re always focused on yourself, it can be hard for a man to feel like he matters.

No. 2

Pretending to be Dumb

If you’re smart, don’t dumb yourself down to make someone else feel better.

No. 3

While it’s important to remember that every person is different and you should always be true to yourself, it can be helpful to know what some men find unappealing.

Pretending to be Clumsy

It can be viewed as a sign of insecurity or immaturity. This behavior can make a man feel like his partner doesn’t take the relationship seriously,

NO. 4

Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene can include not showering regularly, having bad breath, and wearing dirty clothes.

NO. 5

Being on Your Phone All the Time

Men don’t want to feel like they’re competing with your phone for your attention. 

NO. 6

Complaining Too Much

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, talk about it with your partner and express how you’re feeling in a constructive way.

NO. 7