7 Ways To Increase Storage Space in Your Backyard in 2023



 Outdoor coffee table with storage.  Having hidden storage can keep all the things you’d need for your morning coffee break like napkins or spoons out of sight like a cozy blanket or laptop charger.


 Master grill station.  Grilling up burgers or cooking a rack of ribs, having oven mitts, tongs, meat thermometers, and other cooking tool arsenal within easy reach can save countless trips back & forth between the backyard and house.


 Planter with room to hide your garden hose.  Save space—and 10 minutes of untangling hose kinks later—by creating a modern planter that can hide a garden hose and keep it properly stowed.


 Storage Bench. Outdoor storage benches are ideal for hiding outdoor essentials—such as cushions, toys, or beach towels—from the elements while serving as seating space


Vertical Cinder Block Planter. Cinder blocks are ideal if there isn’t enough surface area to spread out your plants and other gardening materials and you need to grow vertically.


 Storage buckets. Affordable and easy to find, they come in all sizes, materials, and shapes. They can be especially helpful to store items and protect them from the elements, insects, and the sun.


Recycled Window shed or Greenhouse. These structures can be a great option to store garden tools, rakes, and larger items and growing plants.