6 Actionable Tips on How To Save Money on Electric Bills

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As prices continue to climb across the board, we must find ways to cut costs, survive on less, and save more.

Everyone needs to be able to turn on the lights, watch TV, and heat (or cool) the house. But if people learn to save money on electric bills, they can fight off some of the higher costs.

How Much Energy Does the Average Home Use

The average American home consumes around 11,000 kilo-watt hours (kWh) of electricity annually, which is 13 times more than it used in 1950.

How Much Money Does the Average Home Spend

On average, Americans can be spending anywhere from $900-$2,000 on electricity per year. However, that amount will rise as prices keep going up.

How Power is Being Used

Most energy used in a home comes from HVAC systems. A typical American household will use 42% of its energy from heating the house, using air conditioning/heating.

Turn off Lights

Turning off the lights is a great way to save on bill. Most people think having better light bulbs is the best way. That is true, but leaving the lights off will help save more.


Do an Energy Audit

If you want to see how much energy you may be using, you can ask your utility provider to do an energy audit. They can then determine different ways to save money.


Buy LED Lights

Besides turning off lights, you should use LED lights. Did you know LED bulbs use 75% less energy than regular bulbs? Did you know they also last 25 times longer?


Air Dry Dishes

People throw dishes in the dishwasher & then use the heat function to get them nice & dry. Why not air dry them? Air drying is as efficient as opening the washer door & letting in air.


Use Power Strips

A power strip can solve plugging issues. Power strips have switches to turn off multiple devices and appliances simultaneously.


Energy Efficient Appliances

We find that smaller devices save energy. Better air conditioners and heating units can help save on power, moving onto those is a good idea to save on bills.


Final Thoughts

As we think about ways to save money, there are many actionable tips you can do right now to start saving. These tips can help you save money on your electric bill.