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Home renovation can be daunting but is also immensely gratifying.


8 Most Popular Home Renovation Projects

Home Renovation in America

Home renovation is a big business in America. The average cost of a typical home renovation project in 2021 was $10,341.

Statistics also indicate that Americans spent $538 billion at home improvement stores in 2021, and the U.S. remodeling industry generated $1.1 billion in revenue last year.

1 - Upgrading Overall Feel n Function 2 - Improve Quality of Life 3 - Add further Estate Value

Benefits of Home Renovation

1 - Make Energy Efficient Changes 2 - Decrease Aged Maintenance  3 - Functional Beautification to Increase Asset Value

Home Renovation Goals

The Regimen for Kitchen Remodeling should be based upon the style you want for the space and of course counting the appliances you'll be using.

Kitchen Remodeling


Light fixtures help a lot in making the atmosphere & adding further value to your house, it's best to follow the preplanned decor for the house.

Updating Your Light Fixtures


Flooring is will always give the feel of a fresh, whole new re-design.  As such, the idea as to which should be left upon you and your budget.

Installing New Flooring


A deck is a great way to add value to your house, useful for entertaining, relaxing, & enjoying the outdoors.

Adding or Updating Your Deck


Replacing your windows will make your home look more modern and stylish and improve energy efficiency.

Replacing Your Windows


The Bathroom is your throne room, there is no denying it.  Focus on the overall theme to your liking and consider hiring a professional for this job.

Remodeling Your Bathroom


Finishing your basement can add valuable living space to your home, even if you don’t intend on finishing it, adding some insulation & sheetrock is a good idea!

Adding or Finishing a Basement


Of course, no house renovation is complete without a fresh coat of paint!  Never cheap out because they can make or break an atmosphere!

Painting the Walls