Signs You Are Wasting Away Your Life

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You procrastinate too much

If this sounds like something you do often, then chances are that you’re wasting your time and not taking action in certain areas of your life.


You spend money foolishly

Overspending on items and services that aren’t necessary can be a huge drain on your finances, leading to debt and financial instability in the long run.


You dread getting out of bed

Do you find yourself dreading getting out of bed during the week? You may be wasting your life if this is a feeling you often have.


Negative self-talk is unrelenting

Recognizing the signs that you are engaging in negative self-talk is the first step towards making positive changes.


You lack long-term goals

Working on setting clear and achievable long-term goals can help give you purpose and direction in life, which will help motivate and inspire you.


You’re depressed

Depression is a debilitating mental health disorder that can make you feel like life isn’t worth living.


You avoid others

When you’re stuck in a rut, it can be easy to avoid other people who are doing things differently. 


You stay in your comfort zone

Comfort zones can provide a sense of safety and security but can also trap us from experiencing new things and growing as individuals.