Actionable Tips on How To Save Money on Electric Bills

Actionable Tips on How To Save Money on Electric Bills

Turn off Lights


Most people think having better light bulbs is the best way to save money. That is true, but leaving the lights off will help save more money than the consummation that takes place when we turn them on.

Do an Energy Audit


It is always a good idea to get fresh eyes from professionals to help show you efficient ways to save on energy costs.

Buy Led Lights


Did you know LED bulbs use 75% less energy than regular bulbs? Did you know they also last 25 times longer?

Air Dry Dishes


Air drying is as efficient as opening the washer door and letting in air. Some dishwashers have an air-dry function that can help make it easy for you.

Use Power Strips


Power strips have switches to turn off multiple devices and appliances simultaneously.

Buy Energy Efficient Appliances


Don’t just buy an appliance based on price – go for energy efficiency. The savings alone will pay for it in the long run.

Programmable Thermostats


Saving money on your energy bill can be as easy as automating your thermostat. Having a programmable thermostat can help automate the function and even allow you to adjust the temperature from your smartphone.

Check for Air Leaks


One of the best ways to save is to ensure your house is well-insulated. Many homes could have places where air escapes causing your heating and cooling systems to work harder.

Final Thoughts

These tips can help you save money on your electric bill. That saved money can be invested into good funds to help grow wealth.