Best Day to Book Flights To Find Cheap Deals

Best Day to Book Flights To Find Cheap Deals

What is the Best Day to Travel?


If you want to book the cheapest flights, you must avoid some of the busiest travel days. Those days would be Monday, Sunday, Thursday, and Friday.

What Makes FLIGHT Prices Change?


There are a couple of reasons the price of flights changes so often, like the season, political tensions, fuel prices, flight supply, etc.

Tips to Find Cheap Flights


Booking flights in advance, flexibility in location and dates, max your travel hacking strategy.

What is travel hacking?


Travel hacking is collecting miles and points to book cheap travel.

Book flights in advance


Booking a flight one to three months in advance can help you find cheap flights.

Final Thoughts


When looking for some of the best flight deals on airfare, no day is the cheapest day to book flights. If you are looking for a lower price, then look for air travel on days during the week or less during peak travel times.