Top Opportunities To Write Meaningful Thank You Notes at Work

Guidelines, Tips and Advisory

Guidelines, Tips and Advisory

There are many opportunities to write “thank you notes” at the workplace.

While you should make an effort to say thank you whenever possible, there are several occasions where writing a thank-you message is worth the effort.

Especially when it demonstrates your soft skills.

Thank-you notes can be handwritten in a lovely thank-you card, sent in an email, or an instant message.

But a handwritten note card takes slightly more time, but it’s more meaningful.

Knowing how to write a good thank-you note is key. Your thank-you note should be specific, including why you are saying thank you and why you are grateful.

1. After Someone Helps You

When you benefit from receiving help from a mentor, coworker, or boss, take a few minutes to send them a thank-you email or write them a handwritten note.

2. After You Receive a Raise

While you may feel entitled to an annual raise & not feel like you need to say thank you, remember that a raise is only guaranteed if written into your employment contract.

3. After a Team Lunch

Lunches can be fun but sometimes awkward. They help with bonding and getting to know newer team members.

4. Just Before Leaving The Company or Changing Positions

Write a thank you and farewell message to your coworkers, team & boss to provide a positive interaction before transitioning.

5. Just Before The End of The Year

Writing thank-you notes to your coworkers and boss is a positive way to end the year. You can express your appreciation for them and spread some holiday cheer.


Be intentional and look for other opportunities to thank your boss, coworkers, or other employees to spread gratitude, appreciation, and recognition at your workplace.