Crafty Artistic Ideas – What Should I Be For Halloween This Year?

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The crisp smell of autumn air, the comfy sweaters, and pumpkin-spiced everything – this can only mean one thing! October 31st is rapidly approaching, and Halloween is around the corner. As the leaves turn golden and fall, there’s the pressing question: “What should I be for Halloween night?”

It isn’t just a holiday for kids, but it’s a night for everyone to enjoy. It’s a time when people appreciate creativity and enjoy seeing unique outfits. If you’re looking for costume ideas that will make you the talk of the party, you’ve landed on the right spot. Choosing Halloween costumes can be the highlight of your October.

When it comes to picking the ultimate Halloween costume, the possibilities are endless, and you can be anything you want. There are no rules or limitations on what you should be for Halloween. It’s all about expressing your creativity and having fun.

Classic Creatures

You can never go wrong with the classics.

Steeped in myth and tradition, the classic creatures continue to haunt our stories and nightmares through generations. Some popular Halloween costumes you can expect to see every season are witches, vampires, zombies, and ghosts. These classics are an integral part of Halloween, just as much as Halloween candy or a visit to a haunted house.

what should i be for halloween? classy

Flickr Image by Ron

The beauty of these timeless ghouls is that they’re versatile! From sexy vampires to comedically wrapped mummies, they’ll definitely make heads turn.

Animals or mythical creatures, like a mermaid costume, can also make fun and unique Halloween costumes.

Classic Costume Ideas

Witches: Take your pick from the wicked witch of the West to the enchanting Sabrina; witches come in a range of styles. Are you more into the dark and mysterious or quirky and magical? Either way, you can customize your look with brooms, cauldrons, and a feline sidekick!

Vampires: These mythical creatures of the night embody elegance and menace. Opt for the haunting aura of Dracula or the romantic image of Twilight; there’s no going wrong. Simply drape yourself in velvety cloaks, use some faux fangs, powder yourself pale, and channel your inner vampire.

Zombies: If you’re a Walking Dead fanatic, there’s no better Halloween costume go-to than a zombie. Grungy clothes, a staggered walk, and some eerie makeup will do wonders to transform you into a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

Historical Figures

Unleash your inner history buff by dressing up as an iconic character from the past.

what should i be for halloween? History!

Channel Shakespeare’s poetic flair, Cleopatra’s charm, or Caesar’s determination; historical costumes are both stylish and smart. Don’t forget to throw in a famous quote or two for added effect.

Historic Halloween Ideas

Go back in time and embrace history’s iconic figures.

Royalty: Take your pick from Pharaohs, Kings, Queens, and Emperors from around the world. Get the regal look by adorning crowns, scepters, and robes.

Historical Innovators: There’s an abundance of names associated with historical innovations. Think Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, and Amelia Earhart. These personas will make a great dress-up and also spark intellectual conversations.

Literary Legends: Literature is rife with personalities waiting to be reborn, from Jane Austen’s characters to Mark Twain’s tales.

Crafty Creations

What should I be for halloween? Be artistic!
Image Credit – elnur via

Are you an artsy soul? Why not craft your costume? Not only will DIY outfits show your creativity, but they can also be tailored for a perfect fit. That’s not all; there’s also the pride in responding to the admiring “Where’d you get your costume?” with “I made it!”

With some hot glue, thrifted items, or even white gloves, you can dive into your creative side to make the ultimate Halloween costume. If you have kids, you’ll also love dressing them up with your crafty creations.

The possibilities are endless, whether you stitch or glue (or duct tape) things together. Not to forget, there’s an unparalleled satisfaction in creating something from scratch.

DIY Ideas

Upcycle Outfits: Dive into your wardrobe, and you’re bound to find something to turn into a Halloween costume. Something as simple as a white shirt can turn into a canvas for an artist or a base for a scarecrow.

what should i be for halloween? Imagination!

Flickr Image by SparkFun Electronics

Craft Store Collections: Glitter, fabric, buttons, beads, and more; crafting stores are a great inspiration for outfits, be it ethereal fairies or armored knights.

Props Galore: Sometimes, the center of attraction to the perfect outfit can be a good prop. A DIY shield or wand can truly complete an outfit.


Halloween isn’t all about the spook; you can also make it hilariously humorous.

If you’re looking for something unique and original, think outside the box and consider unconventional ideas like pun-based costumes or dressing up as an obscure character from a book or TV show.

Make a pun-tastic outfit by combining words and costumes. Here are a couple of ideas to help you get started:

  • Go as a “cereal killer” with mini cereal boxes attached to you.
  • Try a “French kiss” with a beret, striped shirt, and face makeup.

what should i be for halloween? Be a pun!

Humor makes a pretty potent tool. Let your creative juices flow with wordplay; the groans and giggles will be totally worth it.

Punny Halloween Costume Ideas

Wordplay: The trick is to combine concepts. How about “Holy Cow” with a halo and cow prints?

Bring Idioms to Life: The literal representations of “Cat got your tongue?” or “Break a leg” can be a laugh riot.

Brands with Twists: Have you ever given ‘Starbucks’ much thought? Be a Starbucks with some starry attire and a bucks’ antlers, and voila!

Pop Culture Protagonists

Ride the trend wave to stand out and get those “Oh, I get it!” chuckles. Pick this year’s hottest TV show, movie, or meme, and dress up as your favorite character. This will show that you’re in the know while also being a great icebreaker.

what should i be for halloween? pop culture mascots!

Remember the year everyone was the ‘Dancing Shark’ from the Super Bowl? How about horror movie characters, especially ‘The Final Girls,’ that left an impact? Pop culture is an excellent go-to for fun and unique ideas.

Pop Culture Moments

Movie Mania: Avengers, X-Men, Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, Harry Potter, Barbie, and more, the silver screen offers a plethora of inspiration. Narrow your search to just this year’s box office hits for some great ideas.

TV Series Stars: With binge-watching at its peak, you can bet on characters from hit series resonating well. If you already have a favorite, dive deep into the character’s dynamics and embody them.

Memes and Viral Videos: While Interned trends change rapidly, they can be a goldmine for the digital savvy, especially for hilarious and memorable outfits.

Group Goals

You can’t deny it – everything’s better with friends! Group costumes are great for parties or trick-or-treating with your buddies. So gather your squad and go for a collective theme.

what should i be for halloween? Superheroes!

Flickr Image by map

You can coordinate with the others to create themed ensembles or dress up as characters from the same movie/book/show/game. Group dress-ups showcase camaraderie and are also bound to make for legendary group photos!

Group Dressup Ideas

TV Show Casts: Whether it’s the cast of Friends, the gang from The Office, or the quirky characters of Stranger Things, group costumes never fail to impress.

Famous Bands: Channel the Beatles, ABBA, or even BTS!

Conceptual Themes: A bunch of colorful crayons, planets of the solar system, the seven wonders of the world, or a deck of cards. Have a brainstorming session, and let your collective imagination run wild!

Handy Tips

As much as these costume ideas seem appealing, don’t feel pressured to spend a lot of money on your costume.

Sure, store-bought costumes offer convenience with a wide range of options available in multiple themes and sizes. However, DIY costumes allow you to showcase your creativity by making your outfit from scratch or repurposing items you already have.

DIY options using items from your own wardrobe or thrift stores are a more affordable alternative. This allows for added personalization and also saves money in the process. Don’t underestimate DIY costumes; they can be just as creative while also being a budget-friendly option.

Consider your interests, hobbies, or favorite characters when deciding what to be for Halloween. But don’t forget to also consider the weather and practicality of your costume choice. If it’s cold outside, opt for warmer outfits, and go for lightweight ones if it’s warm.

Keep in mind that comfort is equally important! Make sure whichever costume you choose allows you freedom of movement to fully enjoy any parties or events you attend. A good outfit is one that not only catches the eye but is one that you’ll also enjoy wearing and feel comfortable in.

Want to take things up a notch? Accessories such as wigs, masks, props, makeup, and fake blood can enhance your costume and give it a more realistic look.

Note: When deciding on what to wear for Halloween, always consider cultural sensitivity and avoid costumes that could be deemed offensive or inappropriate. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


what should I be for halloween?
Image Credit – Andrew Poplavsky via

So, what do you want to be for Halloween? There are countless options for the best Halloween costumes, depending on creativity and interests. Some famous outfits are superheroes, movie characters, or classic monsters. Alternatively, you can also think outside the box and create a unique costume to do justice to your favorite hobby or puns.

Let your imagination run wild! Remember, Halloween is all about having fun! Don’t stress too much over finding the perfect costume. Just choose one that makes you feel confident and enjoy the festivities. And be prepared for plenty of compliments and attention if you put effort into your costume.

Have a bewitching Halloween!


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