What States in the US Allow You To Live in an RV on Your Property

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When people think of what it’s like to live in an RV, they often imagine what it would be like to be on the road. However, many people don’t realize that you can also live in an RV on your property.

Many states have zoning laws about what type of living situation you can have on your property if you use a vehicle as your home. Often recreational vehicles will be subject to different rules depending on where they are located throughout the United States due to varying legal structures regarding what types of dwellings people may occupy within certain jurisdictions.

This article discusses what states in the US allow you to live in an RV on your property in some states.

What is Habitable Dwelling Unit?

A habitable dwelling unit (HDU) refers to a living container or house that individuals can occupy. These include mobile homes, travel trailers, and campers – essentially what we refer to as RVs.

A few states allow you to live in an RV on your property. In some cases, there may be restrictions on the size and location of the RV, while others do not place any limitations.

If you’re curious about what states allow this type of living arrangement, keep reading!

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US States that allow you to live in an RV on your property

Each state has different regulations.

Generally speaking, you will need to meet certain fire and safety standards set by the state.

States that allow you to live in an RV on your property include:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • North Carolina


As long as it is a temporary living situation. Long-term situations require an inspection from the local authorities. Once approved, however, residents are allowed to stay for up to 15 days out of every month without having inspections done again.

If they wish to remain longer than this time, then they must have their RVs inspected once more and receive approval before doing so. The state does not restrict what can be sold or rented within these living quarters. Still, it expects owners/renters to take certain precautions, such as installing proper fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.


As long as the RV meets certain requirements, such as being hooked up to utilities, you are allowed to stay there full-time. There are no restrictions on the size or type of RV that you can live in.


As long as the RV is parked on a site that you own or lease and isn’t visible from any public road. The state also requires that all RVs be kept in suitable condition to ensure no code violations, including trash removal and waste management services if needed.

Within these living quarters, people may live for up to two years before requiring inspections by local authorities.


(the landowner/tenant will need written consent of what use can be done with said property).

If this written agreement does not exist, it falls under what would generally be considered an “abandoned vehicle” – such vehicles require immediate removal from the property.


Oregon allows residents to live in RVs on their property. The RV must be self-contained, meaning it has all the necessary amenities like a kitchen and bathroom to be considered your primary residence.

There are no restrictions on what type of RV you can live in. Still, it must be parked in an approved location and cannot block access to emergency vehicles or sidewalks.

South Carolina

You are allowed to live in an RV on your property as long as the trailer has been converted into a habitable dwelling unit and is parked in a designated spot.


The RV must be self-contained, meaning it has all the necessary amenities like a kitchen and bathroom to be considered your primary residence. You can also have a guesthouse or other small structure on your property as long as it doesn’t take up more than 35% of the lot size.


It is legal to live in an RV in Utah.

To stay within the law, you must adhere to any restrictions on parking your RV imposed by local government bodies, such as zoning laws and regulations. If you want to park on your own property permanently, you’ll need access to water and sewage.


There are no restrictions on what type of RV you can live in. Still, it must be parked in an approved location and cannot block access to emergency vehicles or sidewalks. You must also maintain specific living standards, such as having adequate sewage disposal and water supply.


You are allowed to have an RV as your only residence, and you can also have a shed or garage on your property for storage. There are some restrictions on what type of RV you can live in, and you must maintain certain standards for living conditions.

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Wrap up

Living in an RV is a way to minimize your living space and even cut your expenses while remaining true to a minimalist lifestyle. If you plan to live in an RV, you can also dress up the exterior of our RV just like you decorate your house.

A more fun way to live like you’re living in a home. Some RVers also decorate the exterior of their RVs to keep track of where they’ve been, personalize slogans, celebrate holidays, etc.

RVers who cover their RVs in custom bumper stickers look cool and stylish, a unique way to express your opinions and preferences. However, if you’re looking to purchase land and live in an RV full-time, a few states stand out as more accommodating than others.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, some of these are:

Colorado, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Nevada, and New Hampshire.

Again, please check with your local authorities for what is allowed on your specific property – zoning regulations can change anytime.


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9 thoughts on “What States in the US Allow You To Live in an RV on Your Property”

  1. We’re finding UT very difficult to live full time in a RV here in FL. Everyone keeps telling us you’re allowed to live in it while you build a home. Is this what you are referring to because that is def not what we want. We own a nice RV and don’t want to have to buy or build a home just to live in it. Is there any other info you can tell me to help us. We live in pasco fl

    • Everyone has got this misconception that Florida is a giant free for all state with no laws or regulations to abide by. That is actually far from accurate. There are more laws and regulations in Florida than up north in liberal run states. And Florida is NOT a RV friendly state to live in your RV in private. I came here myself a few years back from up north thinking I would be able to breathe but nope. I’m looking forward to getting out of Florida soon and back to more of a people friendly state.

      • We need to challenge our constitutional right to live in the domicile of our choosing on private property that is our freedom of expression they’re are enough YouTubers that live the lifestyle to draw awareness to the issue

    • I am also living in a nice 5th wheel in an RV Resort in Florida. Looking for land in the state to move the rv on but have only found one county thus far where its even possible. (Taylor)

  2. There’s no periods or – marks. People who live in RVs and the government tells us we can’t stay here we can’t live here they just keep moving on you know I don’t think they realize what homeless means when when you’re homeless and you don’t have enough money to keep moving around the state trying to find a place to live so why don’t they pay us so we could go buy a house and we can have a home base what is the trick what’s the key what is it that they want it’s the people that own this planet not these that tell us where and when and how and you can’t live here and you must move on. What are you supposed to do you’re on a you’re on an income you only get so much a month you have enough money to put away to buy an RV because you need a place to put your butt get out of the rain get out of the shelter what are you supposed to do you know they have the words but they don’t have the words to help you so they tell you you can’t stay here you got to move on you got to move on move on to where the end of the planet where you supposed to go they don’t build us anywhere to go with the RVs they know we’re broke we’re homeless I mean look at these cities now look at all of them how they supposed to clean this up when they don’t even help us and we should have a place to put our bed and a place to have a shelter this is all a bunch of s*** and it needs to stop because there’s a lot of good people out there that want to have nice things in life and and have a bed and a shelter but we don’t have enough money we can’t afford to rent cuz it’s so God damn high there’s nothing left so why don’t you you know give us money more money to help us out so we can go out and buy a nice house and get off the street but in the meantime leave us alone because we’re trying to live like you and everybody else as long as you don’t trash where you live I think that’s the biggest part of it all people just trash right where they Park you know they don’t need to live like that I think if they cleaned up their mess they’d be welcome back but they keep selling these RVs and everywhere you go with them the fees are so expensive for the night where you supposed to do so I think the government needs to go out pick these people up give him some cash every month whether they deserved it earned it or not so they can have a shelter you know this is not a Nazi camp don’t treat us like a prisoner..

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. For one, many people live on the streets, due to government legislation allowing corporations to buy up neighborhoods, and charge high rents. And our healthcare? I have news for anyone who feels as though the people on welfare are our problem. The fact, is that 85% of people in America do NOT want to live on welfare. However they have to, simply because of the rising cost of food, housing and healthcare. These barbaric laws are tailored to put millions out on the streets. How dare these public officials tell us how to live a clean and simplified life style! I’ve been living a simple life for better than 40 years now. I’m healthier and out of debt, because I don’t buy their products, or believe their
      corporate propaganda. If funding a 7 trillion dollar war in the Middle East, or funding a 160 billion plus war in Ukraine is patriotic, then we can all wave our flags underneath an overpass in SF or LA. The truth of the matter is, that simplified living affects their bottom line. I’m sure that anyone who wants to live a simple life in an RV, won’t be shitting or urinating in the streets, like many already do nationwide, as a result of our toxic congress.

  3. Jeff I completely agree with you I just found out you can claim your RV as your permanent resident on your tax return but code enforcement tells us we can’t live in our mobile home on a private property yet we can claim it as our primary residence on our tax return there’s really some problems here. It’s all about the money they want us to pay taxes but they don’t want to help us out when we need a place to park it

  4. North Carolina does not allow living in an RV as a permanent residence. We own an RV park and have had several calls from people who were living in their RV on their land while building their house. The County came in and told them they had to move to an RV park, but I imagine it was neighbors who reported it.


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