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My name is Olu, I am a Canadian Immigrant, a Veterinary Doctor, and a Chartered Accountant who luckily found passion in travel, blogging and being an entrepreneur. My humble self created this site to bring wellness and excitement to your world, pets, travels, personal living & other exciting aspects of leading a quality lifestyle.

One of my favorite values is Emotional Intelligence- I believe the world we live in would be a better place if we had more emotionally intelligent folks on our planet.

Our team promises its best to interact, communicate, be friendly, original, responsible, professional, and teachable in its message of healing, well-being, light, love, and hope to our community. We will promote every content necessary to live your best life through our site! You will find us in every space of your lifestyle- personal grooming, skincare, travel, fitness, pets, home decor, and gardening. An SEO expert once told me to narrow down our site to a niche cause of Google Algorithm- I bet the well-being of our community is more important than G-SEO. (don’t tell google….Haha!).

We’re always looking for ways to improve ourselves so we can better serve you! You can suggest topics on content you want or wish to see in the comments section or via email at

Currently, I am juggling time between my accounting career, a masters’ degree education, and my blog- I believe I will ditch my Accounting career soon! (like I ditched medicine…lol!) to have more time for our site’s community, road trips, vacation flights, and mindfulness sessions.

When I’m not working or exploring new places around the world, you can find me watching soccer games, power naps, binge-watching on Netflix, or reading books about creativity & success stories of billionaires like Elon Musk!

Lastly, about me, I am a die-hard Arsenal Soccer team fan!

To your well-being……Cheers!

Olu-wa-seyi O. (DVM, FCCA, CPA)

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