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My name is Olu, I am a Canadian Immigrant, a Veterinary Doctor, and a Chartered Accountant who luckily found passion in travel, blogging and being an entrepreneur. This site was created by my humble self to bring wellness and excitement to your world, pets, travels, personal living & other exciting aspects of leading a quality lifestyle.

One of my favorite values is Emotional Intelligence- I believe the world we live in would be a better place if we had more emotionally intelligent folks on our planet.

Our team promises its best to interact, communicate, be friendly, original, responsible, professional, and teachable in its message of healing, well-being, light, love, and hope to our community. We will promote every content necessary to live your best life through our site! You will find us in every space of your lifestyle- personal grooming, skincare, travel, fitness, pets, home decor, and gardening. Read More

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