10 Celebrities That Owed or Still Owe Child Support Payments and Got Into Trouble

Child support is an issue that transcends all socio-economic strata, including the realm of the rich and famous. These 6 Celebs had their run-ins with the child support system – some making amends!

Dennis Rodman

No. 1

The eccentric former NBA star is as famous for his wild antics as he is for his basketball prowess. In 2012, he was reported to owe $800,000 in child support.

Levi Johnston

No. 2

The Alaska native, who gained notoriety through his relationship with Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, found himself owing over $38,000 in child support by 2013.

Val Kilmer

No. 3

The versatile actor, known for his roles in films like “Top Gun” and “Batman Forever,” reportedly owed $27,500 in child support in 2011.

Bobby Brown

No. 4

The R&B star and ex-husband of Whitney Houston had a well-publicized legal battle with his ex, Kim Ward, over the child support of their two children.

Terrel Owens

No. 5

A former NFL superstar, Owens’ child support issues have been widely covered by the media. Despite earning millions during his career, Owens faced substantial child support arrears.

Allen Iverson

No. 6

The ex-NBA star, despite earning over $200 million in his career, has had his fair share of financial woes, including child support issues.

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