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Blast to the Past with These 7  Slang Words from the Swinging ’60s!

Ah, the 1960s! A time of social revolution, peace, and love…and some really cool slang!

If you’re a fan of vintage lingo from the Swinging Sixties, then you’ll enjoy this list of 7 classic slang words and phrases popularized during that decade.

Split is an interesting slang word from the swinging ’60s. Split is used to describe something that is incredible or awesome, and it was popularized by the youth of the time period.



To them, “bread” was slang for money and having enough of it to buy whatever you wanted. It was a sign of success and gave people the freedom to pursue their dreams.



It was a surprise to discover that people used a particular informal word to describe the act of being physically affectionate while inside a stationary vehicle.

Submarine Races


It’s a term of endearment, often used to describe something enjoyable or cool. During that time, it was often used as an exclamation of excitement and admiration for someone or something.



Grass was a term used to refer to mari****a and was often used among hippies during the era,  Because of its illegal status...



This refers to the practice of placing tissues inside a woman’s undergarment, which was popular during the time when the movie “Animal House” was released.

Foam Domes


This expression is used to denote something that is fun or amusing, often in an ironic way, consider saying, “It’s a gas” next time you want to express your enthusiasm for an activity or situation.

It’s a Gas