Grocery Store Employees Reveal 6 Annoying Habits Customers Have

By employees accounts

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Grocery shopping can often be a stressful experience, especially when you have to deal with long lines, out-of-stock items, and other shoppers who don’t know the etiquette.

"Politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back."

Thomas Sowell

According to grocery store employees from around the country, there are certain annoying behaviors that customers exhibit, which make their job more difficult.

Waiting patiently (Without a Number)

Customers can be impatient when waiting in the line to check-out the items they've picked, unfortunately, some customers can get impatient.


Bothering Employees to Put items away

It is important to remember that grocery store employees are there to help you find items and answer questions, not put items away for you.


Taking too many Free Samples

But while taking free samples is a great way to try out new products and save money, it can also be annoying for store employees if customers take too much.


Telling baggers “whatever’s easier”

While this may seem like an innocuous statement, it can actually cause more trouble for store employees than necessary.


Sneaking in Express Line

This not only slows down other customers who are waiting in line, but it also inconveniences and annoys employees.


Lifting everything out of your cart

One of the most common complaints from store employees is shoppers who take everything out of their cart and put it on the conveyor belt.


It is always best to keep in mind proper manners when you go to shopping, it makes everyone's day better!