7 Phrases Parents Should NEVER Say to Raise Mentally Strong Kids!

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Raising mentally strong children is one of the most important tasks any parent can undertake.

It’s essential to helping your kids become resilient adults who are capable of facing life’s challenges with confidence & resilience.

Psychotherapists recently revealed 12 phrases parents should never say if they want to help their child develop strong emotional intelligence and mental toughness.

‘Calm down!’


Telling kids to 'calm down' is unhelpful, as it may confuse them on how to feel about the emotions they're going through.

‘Don’t worry about it.’


While this phrase can be comforting for some, it is actually detrimental to a child’s mental strength and resilience.

‘You’ll do fine.’


This phrase hurts kids' mental growth. It makes them think results don't matter and they don't need to try hard.

‘Don’t ever let me catch you doing that again.’


This statement is not only intimidating, but it also creates an environment of fear instead of trust, affecting their fortitude.

‘You’re the best!’


As this sets unrealistic expectations for the kids, it is best not to use it too much during their growth period & only reward positive results.

‘That’s perfect!’


When parents tell their children that something they have done is perfect, they are sending the message that anything less than perfection is unacceptable.

‘You’re making me mad.’


It can have negative effects on kids. implying that their behavior is causing the parent to feel negative emotions and can lead to feelings of guilt and low self-esteem.


Sometimes, it is best to rephrase some words to convey the message in a lighter, yet understanding tone so that it is beneficial to the situation and the growth.