10 Things Men Think Are Attractive to Women But Actually Aren’t

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Being Reluctant about ‘Feminine’ Interests

In the vast landscape of human interests, why should anyone limit their range to stereotypical boxes?


Conflating Aggression with Strength

Aggression is often mistaken for strength, but it’s about as attractive as a skunk at a garden party.


The Unsolicited Explicit Photos

It’s a mystery akin to Bermuda Triangle, how some men think this could ever be appealing.


The “You’re Not Like Other Girls” 

This seemingly ‘special’ compliment not only undermines the value of all women but subtly indicates a distaste for femininity.


The Know-it-all Attitude

To claim to know it all is not only false; it’s about as charming as a leaky faucet.


The Gym as the Sole Identity

there’s a wide, wide world outside that wellness center, filled with countless other fascinating pursuits.


The ‘Nice Guy’ Misconception

The ‘nice guys’ who expect reciprocation for their kindness are, ironically, not nice at all.


Confusing Arrogance for Confidence

Arrogance is to confidence what a mirage is to an oasis. It might appear similar from a distance, but once you’re up close, you realize you’ve been duped.


Overemphasis on Substance Use

High tolerance for drugs or alcohol isn’t impressive. It’s concerning. And let’s be honest, it’s hardly entertaining to play caretaker at a social gathering.


Oversexualization from the Start

If every conversation feels like walking through a deluge of unwarranted compliments and uncomfortable insinuations, it’s about as appealing as getting caught in a sandstorm.