17 Things Men Think Are Attractive to Women But Actually Aren’t

Olu Ojo
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Our collective wisdom isn’t born out of thin air; it emerges from lively exchanges and candid conversations. So, let us pull back the curtain on 17 missteps men often make, misconstruing them as irresistible charms.

On Being Reluctant about ‘Feminine’ Interests

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In the vast landscape of human interests, why should anyone limit their range to stereotypical boxes? The man who sneers at the mention of ‘girly’ movies (though, let’s be real, what does that even mean?) is missing out on the richness of our diverse cinematic universe.

Conflating Aggression with Strength

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Picture the scene: a night out, the music is pulsating, the atmosphere is electric, and then, your male companion lunges at a stranger for a perceived slight. Aggression is often mistaken for strength, but it’s about as attractive as a skunk at a garden party.

The Unsolicited Explicit Photos

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In the annals of baffling male behaviors, unsolicited explicit photos hold a special place. It’s a mystery akin to Bermuda Triangle, how some men think this could ever be appealing.

The “You’re Not Like Other Girls” Compliment

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This seemingly ‘special’ compliment not only undermines the value of all women but subtly indicates a distaste for femininity. It’s like praising a songbird for not being like other birds. It’s a bird, it sings, what’s not to love?

The Know-it-all Attitude

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Knowledge is a vast ocean, and we are all just paddling around in our little boats. To claim to know it all is not only false; it’s about as charming as a leaky faucet.

The Gym as the Sole Identity

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We respect the sweat and discipline the gym demands, but there’s a wide, wide world outside that wellness center, filled with countless other fascinating pursuits.

The ‘Nice Guy’ Misconception

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The ‘nice guys’ who expect reciprocation for their kindness are, ironically, not nice at all. Kindness given with expectation isn’t kindness; it’s a transaction.

Confusing Arrogance for Confidence

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Arrogance is to confidence what a mirage is to an oasis. It might appear similar from a distance, but once you’re up close, you realize you’ve been duped.

Overemphasis on Substance Use

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High tolerance for drugs or alcohol isn’t impressive. It’s concerning. And let’s be honest, it’s hardly entertaining to play caretaker at a social gathering.

Oversexualization from the Start

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If every conversation feels like walking through a deluge of unwarranted compliments and uncomfortable insinuations, it’s about as appealing as getting caught in a sandstorm.

Being a Chronic One-Upper

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Having a conversation with a constant one-upper is like playing a never-ending game of ‘King of the Hill’. It’s tedious, it’s tiring, and it certainly isn’t endearing.

The Display of Material Wealth

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Flashing one’s wealth around like a peacock’s tail isn’t just tacky, it misses the whole point. True attractiveness lies not in one’s possessions but in one’s character.

Mocking Compassion as ‘Weakness’

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If kindness and compassion are ‘weak’, then we choose weakness over the kind of strength that snubs them. In the end, the true test of strength lies in our capacity to care.

Shying Away from Decision-Making

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Delegation is great, but a relationship isn’t a business. Active participation in decision-making is attractive. A constant ‘you choose’ isn’t endearing, it’s just passing the buck.

Excessive Bragging

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A healthy pride in achievements is refreshing. But incessant bragging? It’s as attractive as listening to a broken record, on repeat, at full volume.

Putting Others Down to Seem Superior

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Trying to amplify your shine by dimming others’ light only reveals the insecurity beneath. The truly self-confident lift others up; they don’t push them down.

Summing It Up

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Through humor and a bit of poetic waxing, we’ve opened a dialogue about the misconceptions men often hold about what women find attractive. We hope it leads to more understanding, better conversations, and fewer unsolicited explicit photos.

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