20 Things That’ll Definitely Piss off Any Baby Boomer

Ephraim Obare
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Dear readers, welcome to the fascinating realm of generational quirks! Today, we embark on a thrilling expedition to explore the depths of the Baby Boomer pool. Picture those charming individuals born between 1946 and 1964, with their penchant for classic rock, manual transmissions, and good old face-to-face conversations.

And oh, the concept of a’selfie’… a perplexing enigma to these fine folks! Now, join me on an exhilarating journey through 20 delightful quirks guaranteed to tickle the fancy of any member of this vibrant generation. Get ready for a wild, witty, and unabashedly human adventure! So, fasten your seatbelts and let the escapade commence!

Calling them ‘Old.’

Calling them 'Old'
Bowie15 via canva.com

No one likes to be reminded of their age, especially not Baby Boomers, who still have grooves. As the older generation, it’s natural to expect them to act more mature than their millennial counterparts. But don’t call them ‘old’; they may not appreciate being labeled as such.

Talking about Avocado Toast

Talking about Avocado Toast
Bhofack2 via canva.com

This millennial favorite breakfast item might be a mystery to many Baby Boomers. Why pay a small fortune for a piece of bread with squashed fruit?

Taking Photos of Food

Taking Photos of Food
Shisuka via canva.com

Boomers who grew up eating to survive might not understand why their food needs a photoshoot before consumption.

Texting Instead of Calling

Texting Instead of Calling
Koldunov via canva.com

Baby Boomers grew up in an era when phone calls and face-to-face conversations were the norm. But nowadays, many millennials prefer to text or even use social media chats instead of calling.

People from older generations might think it’s rude and lazy – but they should understand that this is how communication works now.

Spending Hours on Social Media

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Spending an entire afternoon scrolling through Instagram or Facebook feeds might seem absurd to them.

Over-reliance on GPS

Over-reliance on GPS
Alexsl via canva.com

Back in the day, Baby Boomers navigated using physical maps. Nowadays, the dependence on GPS might seem a bit excessive.

Resilience to Change

Resilience to Change
Designer491 via canva.com

If a Boomer finds something that works, they stick with it. Constant updates to software and apps can quickly get on their nerves.

Excessive Use of ‘Like’ and ‘Literally’

Excessive Use of 'Like' and 'Literally'
SIPhotography via canva.com

Modern language and slang can be a tough pill to swallow for Boomers who are used to a more formal language.

Lack of Cursive Writing

Lack of Cursive Writing
wing via canva.com

The disappearance of this elegant handwriting style is a sore point for many Baby Boomers. It has been replaced by typing and texting.

‘On Fleek’ and Other New Slang

'On Fleek' and Other New Slang
Melissa Kopka via canva.com

Keeping up with the ever-changing world of slang can be quite a task for anyone, let alone a Baby Boomer.

Not Watching the News on TV

Not Watching the News on TV
Lolostock via canva.com

For Boomers, dinner isn’t complete without the evening news. They might not understand why younger generations prefer getting their information online.

Streaming Music

Streaming Music
Atstock Productions via canva.com

The transition from vinyl records to Spotify playlists can be too much for Boomers. They think it’s strange that younger generations don’t buy physical albums.

Online Dating

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Weekend Images Inc. via Canva.com

The concept of swiping left or right on potential suitors is a far cry from the courtship rituals Baby Boomers are accustomed to.

Understanding Memes

Understanding Memes
A and N Photography via canva.com

To Boomers, an image with large, white text might not make sense. But to Millennials, it’s a hilarious meme they can relate to.

Selfies Everywhere

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andresr via Canva.com

The selfie phenomenon has left many Baby Boomers scratching their heads, wondering why everyone is so self-obsessed.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality
Vadimguzhva via canva.com

Strapping on a headset to experience a different reality might seem unnecessary to the Boomers.

Lack of Respect for Institutions

Respecting Authority
Michael_Price via canva.com

Boomers grew up when institutions were respected and revered, not openly criticized on Twitter. Millennials may not understand why they should follow outdated or archaic rules that no longer fit into today’s society.

Vegans and Gluten-Free Diets

15 Poor People Foods That Even the Wealthy Eat
Margouliatphoto via Canva.com

Dietary fads and choices are one thing that can baffle Boomers who grew up eating anything and everything. The prevalence of vegans, vegetarians, and other diets is a sign of the times that Boomers may not understand.

Loud Music in Coffee Shops

Loud Music in Coffee Shops
SteveLuker via canva.com

Boomers remember when coffee shops were quiet refuges. Now, the blaring music can be a turn-off.

Boomers may not understand why people flock to coffee shops when they can’t hear each other talk.

Changing Gender Roles

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Jorge Corcuera via Canva.com

Traditional gender roles are changing rapidly, and Boomers may not understand them. Men taking on more traditionally feminine roles in the home and women taking on more traditionally masculine roles in the workplace can be confusing for some Boomers who grew up with set gender norms.

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