donate plasma for money

Want to Make Money & Save Lives? Go Donate Plasma for Money

Have you ever donated blood? This small, selfless act does an immeasurable service to the recipient and can even save their life. Plasma donations work the same way; only you can donate plasma for money.

Before donating plasma for extra money, you need to understand the process involved. Read on to find out more.

get paid to read books

Not Finding Enough Time To Read? Now You Can Get Paid For It.

Publishing a book is undoubtedly competitive, and authors are dying for readers to review their books so they can gain more exposure. They are willing to pay readers (like you and me) to get engrossed in a good book.

This post will discuss how to get paid to read books online and some of the best websites that offer this opportunity. So if you’re looking for a way to make extra money, keep reading!

Dollar Cost Averaging

What Is Dollar-Cost-Averaging: Is It the Best Way to Invest?

Want excellent investment advice? Buy low, sell high. This desirable but overly simplified strategy means you should buy shares at a low price and sell them when they are at a higher price, resulting in a profit on the transaction. The problem with such advice is that you’ll have to know when to call a … Read more

best stocks for inflation

The Best Stocks to Buy to Fight Inflation

After peaking above $5 per gallon in mid-June, the good news is gas prices are declining and nearing $4 per gallon. Commodity and food prices are coming down too. However, inflation is still near a 40-year high in 2022. The last time we had inflation like this, Ronald Reagan was the President. As investors, we … Read more

how to start investing

How to Start Investing Money: a 12-Step Easy Guide for Beginners

Learning how to start investing can feel confusing to new investors. Failed attempts to translate investment jargon and seeing ticker symbols run across your screen as you watch the morning news is enough to keep potential investors out of the investing game for good. How to Start Investing There is no one right way to … Read more

the Psychology of money

The Psychology of Money: 8 Ways to Improve Your Money Mindset

As the old saying goes, personal finance is ‘mostly personal and a little bit financial.’ Long-term growth and success rely more on our habits and behaviors than on complex knowledge and advanced strategies. Learning a few key points on the psychology of money can go a long way to building the right mindset for prosperity. … Read more

straightforward ways to get out of debt

Straightforward Ways to Get Out of Debt

Financial freedom might seem out of reach while staring up at a mountain of debt, but no one appears at the top of Mt. Everest. You get there one step at a time. “Right now, many Americans are a medical emergency or a natural disaster away from bankruptcy,” says chairman Howard Dvorkin, CPA. “Their … Read more

quick cash ideas

62 Quick Cash Ideas You Need to Know!

Check out your window, is the free-money-man there? No..? Never mind, he never comes to my house either because there’s no free-money-man! You’ve got to do something if you want to make quick cash. From time to time, we all go through periods when we’re in a bind. You may need to pay bills, perhaps … Read more

benefits of financial planning

The Benefits of Financial Planning and Value It Can Bring

Everyone chooses to handle their money differently. Some people are staunch savers or investors, while others are more than happy to drop a few extra dollars here or there for an expensive latte. Some folks only earn money for themselves, while others support families. Solving everyone’s unique financial challenges with cookie-cutter financial planning services is … Read more

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