10 Things That Scream ‘I’m a Narcissist’ (According to Psychologists)

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Are you wondering if someone has a narcissistic personality disorder? Narcissism is a trait that can range in intensity from healthy self-love to an unhealthy obsession with oneself. While many people have some narcissistic traits, malignant narcissists are at the extreme end of this spectrum and display signs of antisocial behavior or even psychopathy.

To identify these toxic individuals, it’s important to look out for certain behaviors that suggest they may be malignant narcissists. In this piece, we’ll explore ten things that scream “I’m a narcissist” according to psychologists – so you can recognize them before they become too entrenched in your life.

An Over-Inflated Sense of Self-Importance and Superiority.

10 Things That Scream 'I'm a Narcissist' (According to Psychologists)
AndreyPopov via Canva.com

A hallmark of a malignant narcissist is an over-inflated sense of self-importance and superiority. Narcissists crave attention and admiration and will do whatever it takes to get it, even if it means manipulating others or taking advantage of them.A malignant narcissist also tends to be highly controlling, selfish, arrogant and lack empathy.

A Need for Constant Admiration and Validation.

10 Things That Scream 'I'm a Narcissist' (According to Psychologists)
Lunamarina via Canva.com

A need for constant admiration and validation can signify a malignant narcissist. People with this type of personality disorder will always seek praise and attention from those around them, often to the point of making it difficult for others to get a word in or express their own needs. They may even go out of their way to manipulate people with flattery or false promises to get what they want.

Manipulation of Others To Get What They Want.

10 Things That Scream 'I'm a Narcissist' (According to Psychologists)
Andrew Poplavsky via Canva.com

A malignant narcissist often uses manipulation as a tool to get what they want. They can be incredibly persuasive, charming, and skilled at getting people to do their bidding without them realizing it. A Malignant narcissist, in particular, is particularly adept at manipulating others to gain power over them and ultimately control the relationship dynamic.

Abrupt Fluctuations in Emotions.

emotional fluctuations
SHOTPRIME via Canva.com

Malignant narcissists are especially dangerous as they seek to hurt or destroy those who do not comply with their wishes. They can be very charming in one moment and then turn viciously controlling the next, leaving their victims feeling confused and overwhelmed by the sudden change in attitude.

A Tendency To Fantasize About Success, Power, Intelligence, Beauty, or Ideal Love.

10 Things That Scream 'I'm a Narcissist' (According to Psychologists)
Deagreez via Canva.com

One trait of malignant narcissists is their tendency to fantasize about achieving success, power, intelligence, beauty, or finding the perfect love. Narcissists often believe they are special and superior to others and can become consumed with thoughts of success or greatness that border on obsession. They may daydream about how powerful or influential they will be in the future and overinflate their own accomplishments.

Taking Advantage of Others To Achieve Their Own Ends.

10 Things That Scream 'I'm a Narcissist' (According to Psychologists)
FatCamera via Canva.com

One of the tell-tale signs of a malignant narcissist is their tendency to take advantage of others to achieve their own ends. This can manifest in various ways, from using people as tools for personal gain or taking credit for someone else’s work to manipulating family and friends into providing them with financial support or emotional labor.

Exploiting Others Without Guilt or Remorse.

10 Things That Scream 'I'm a Narcissist' (According to Psychologists)
Elnur via Canva.com

People with malignant narcissism exploit others without guilt or remorse. They tend to be self-centered and show little interest in what other people feel or think. They often use manipulation, coercion, and intimidation to get their own way and disregard the feelings of those around them. This behavior type is a key sign that someone may be a malignant narcissist.

An Arrogant and Haughty Attitude.

10 Things That Scream 'I'm a Narcissist' (According to Psychologists)
Mangostar Studio via Canva.com

The signs of a malignant narcissist are unmistakable. They are characterized by an arrogant and haughty attitude, believing they are above others and deserve special treatment. These individuals often feel entitled to flaunt their power or show off status symbols while displaying a heightened sense of self-importance and superiority.

A Preoccupation With Success and Status.

10 Things That Scream 'I'm a Narcissist' (According to Psychologists)
Prostock-Studio via Canva.com

A malignant narcissist’s preoccupation with success and status is a key characteristic. People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are obsessed with their own accomplishments, and they tend to brag about them to gain admiration and attention from others. They often display an exaggerated sense of self-importance and exaggerate their own achievements while downplaying the efforts of those around them.

Maladaptive Coping Strategies.

10 Things That Scream 'I'm a Narcissist' (According to Psychologists)
fizkes via Canva.com

Maladaptive coping strategies are those which may provide short-term relief, but in the long run, they do not help the individual manage stressors and lead to more harm. Examples of such maladaptive coping strategies for a malignant narcissist include blaming others for their problems, avoiding responsibility, manipulating people and situations to get what they want, or using drugs/alcohol to cope with stressful situations.


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