15 Foods to Never Buy at Walmart

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Walmart! The land of unending aisles, looming shelves, and scores of products that seem to be screaming “Buy me!” from every direction.

But not everything glittering in Walmart’s grocery section is gold. In fact, some can be downright fool’s gold! Here are 15 food items you should skip during your next Walmart run.

Great Value Milk

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KellyvanDellen via Canva.com

Walmart’s Great Value brand milk has stirred up quite a controversy in the past, with numerous customer complaints about a funky, off-putting taste.

According to a study by Consumer Reports, many people find Walmart’s Great Value milk to be less fresh and flavorful than milk sourced from local dairies or larger grocery chains.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

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A Cornell University study found that Walmart’s organic fruits and vegetables tend to have more pesticide residues compared to their counterparts at other grocery stores.

Another 2017 study from Consumer Reports found that Walmart’s prices for organic produce were nearly 20% higher than the average supermarket.

Maple syrup

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A comparative analysis of Walmart’s Great Value brand and the pure, organic, grade-A stuff reveals a corn syrup calamity!

A glance at the label, and you’ll find that the main ingredient isn’t even Maple syrup but a high fructose corn syrup imposter. Oh, the audacity! Will real Maple syrup please stand up?


Photo: © Sakkawokkie via canva.com

Reports suggest that their seafood, particularly the shrimp, has frequently been linked to dubious sources with questionable farming practices.

For the same price, you can find fresher, tastier, and more ethically sourced seafood at your local fishmonger or a specialized grocery store. And let’s not forget, fresh equals flavorful!

Pet Food

15 Things to Never Buy at Walmart
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Studies have shown that some pet foods contain fillers like corn, wheat, and soy, which are harder for our furry companions to digest. Plus, the inexpensive price tag often comes with a hidden cost, compromised quality.

Many budget brands at Walmart have been flagged for containing unnatural fillers, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

Rotisserie Chicken

15 Foods to Never Buy at Costco
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Priced at around $4.98, Walmart’s rotisserie chicken is relatively small (usually around the 2 lb mark) compared to competitors.

For example, Costco offers a much larger bird (3 lbs or more) for just $4.99! Plus, there’s the question of freshness. Walmart tends to keep their chickens under heat lamps for quite some time.

Ground Beef

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A USDA report revealed that the average price per pound for ground beef in 2020 was $3.81. In contrast, Walmart’s ground beef can cost upwards of $5.00 per pound. Moreover, Walmart’s beef often has a higher fat content, meaning you get less bang for your buck.

Great Value Peanut Butter

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Photo: © Hendra Su via canva.com

On the surface, it seems like a steal – a big jar with a small price tag. But don’t let that fool you! Taste-wise, it lacks the rich, nutty flavor that makes your PB&J sandwiches a delight. The texture is quite off, too, almost gritty.

But here’s the real deal-breaker: the sodium content. With a whopping 150 milligrams of sodium per serving, it soars high above other brands like Jif or Skippy, which contain 95 and 90 milligrams, respectively.

Vanilla Extract

Photo: © Africa images via canva.com

Walmart’s Great Value Pure Vanilla Extract costs around $6.98 for a 2-ounce bottle. Nearly $3.50 per ounce!

Compare that to a McCormick All Natural Pure Vanilla Extract bottle on Amazon, which costs about $35 for a 16-ounce bottle. That shrinks the price down to just over $2 per ounce.


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A regular bag of Doritos is priced at $2.98 at your local Walmart, while you can nab the same at Aldi for a whole dollar less – without compromising on the lip-smacking zest!

And it’s not just about price. Multiple reports have raised concerns about the freshness of Walmart’s snacks, with numerous complaints about stale chips and out-of-date popcorn.

Breakfast Cereals

15 Foods to Never Buy at Costco
Pat Gerber via Flickr

Many cereals at Walmart are loaded with empty calories and high-fructose corn syrup – a notorious villain in the world of health.

Comparing a box of Frosted Flakes at Walmart and a local grocery store, we found that Walmart’s price was surprisingly 15% higher! And let’s not get started on the sugar content – a whopping 14 grams per serving.

Great Value Canned Fruit

Photo: © OlenaMykhaylova via canva.com

It’s a classic case of “you get what you pay for.” Shoppers have reported inconsistent quality in the fruit – sometimes it’s overly mushy, other times it’s underripe.

Many of these fruits swim in a sea of high fructose corn syrup, a sweetener linked to obesity and diabetes. And when you compare the price per ounce to a fresh apple or banana, it’s often cheaper going the fresh route.

Artisinal Cheeses

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Photo: © fotokris via canva.com

Independent studies have shown that artisanal cheeses sold at Walmart lack the rich, nuanced flavors in local dairies or high-end grocery stores. Plus, the price point? It’s no deal at all! A pound of Manchego at Walmart may set you back by $13, while a similar quality cheese from a local dairy cost around $10.

Raw Pork

Photo: © sergeyryzhov via canva.com

According to a 2012 Consumer Reports study, 69% of raw pork samples had evidence of yersinia enterocolitica, a bacterium that can cause fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. And the price? A spot-check comparison showed that you could save up to $0.80 per pound by purchasing pork at a local grocery store instead.

Fresh Juices

Photo: © habovka via canva.com

Walmart’s fresh juices can be packed with added sugars and preservatives, turning your healthy choice into a sugar bomb. Plus, let’s talk about the price point.

You’re paying around $3 per bottle at Walmart when you could easily make a week’s worth of fresh, 100% juice at home for the exact cost.

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