5 Plothole's You Never Noticed in Movies

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A plot hole or plot flaw refers to missing information, unexpected occurrence, or inconsistency in a narrative.

A significant plot flaw can significantly impact even the most captivating films.

While some stories are so beloved that fans may overlook minor plot flaws, they can detract experience for others.

Plot flaws are often seen as weak writing as they compromise the story’s logic, remove the viewer from the story and undermine the film’s credibility.

A typical plot flaw is a forced coincidence, which is when a plot twist is shoehorned in to move the story forward, but it relies heavily on a coincidence that would be unlikely to happen in reality.

Cinderella’s Slipper Stays Glass

In Cinderella, You may not haven noticed that everything except for her glass slipper had transformed, which allowed the prince to find her.


Beard of Steel

In Man of Steel, Superman's hair are supposed to be just as strong as he is, yet he is able to shave his beard just the same with human-grade materials... or is that really the case?


Sixth Sense

In the movie, Bruce Willis is supposed to be a ghost, but you only see the important times he values... but what about after the movie? What does he do remainder of time?


Kate and Leopold Hot for Grandma

The Girlfriend ends up falling in love with the man from the past who ends up being the ancestor of her ex, yet, it is never explained why him specifically.



Ant Mans weight has been a huge question for a long time, & the only answer you ever get is that it depends on Ant Mans imagination burt how & why, One shouldn't question.



Well, it tells us that movies are a form of entertainment and we shouldn't get too deep into it, but sometimes you can't help...