Hilarious Conflicts They Have With Them

Pet Owners Are Sharing

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No one can avoid all conflicts with family members, including pets, owners have shared their hilarious tales over the webs. 

The Dreaded Doorbell

One owner says they constantly try to “convince the dog that the doorbell ringing isn’t a terrible threat to our safety.”

The Rustle of Plastic

“I cannot rustle a plastic bag, open the fridge or chop anything without the sound of five tiny tyrants yelling at me for food,” writes one.

Sneaky Bedtime Routine

“My dog can open doors, and every night, she waits for me to fall asleep, I often don’t notice until the morning despite the fact she weighs more than me"

The Litter Box

some cat owners with dogs must clean immediately after the cat uses it... Because the dog will run over to the box and eat the cat droppings.

Bad Weather

“I constantly have arguments with one of our cats because I ‘refuse’ to stop the rain when she wants to go outside,” says one...

Double Dinner

Cats are clever, manipulative little devils. One respondent shares that his cat attempts to trick him and his wife into feeding it twice.

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