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How To Transform Your Boring Bathroom into a Luxurious Oasis. Do this...

Add Large-format Tile

Large-format tiles are trending, offering a visually appealing look, fewer grout lines, and innovative printed designs, enhancing smaller spaces.

Add Shower shelves 

Shower niches are essential for bathroom design, providing convenient, stylish storage and eliminating the need for caddies. They add character and flair, making them practical and creative design elements.

Use Matte black shower fixtures 

Matte black shower fixtures are attractive, durable, and resistant to wear. Their neutral color hides fingerprints and blends with various styles. 

Use Frameless shower doors 

Frameless shower doors fit various bathroom designs, offering a sleek, modern look. Ideal for minimalists, they contain steam while keeping the bathroom open. 

Add a Ceiling track shower curtains 

Mounted on a curved ceiling track, they offer a clean look, easy cleaning, and replacement. They create an illusion of a larger space and complement both traditional and modern bathroom designs. 

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