The 5 SCARIEST Personality Types of Men Who Use Emotional Abuse!

James Boister

Emotional abuse is a form of psychological manipulation that can impact the victim’s mental & emotional health. Individuals with certain personality traits often use it to assert control over others.

Following 5 disturbing personality types of men who use emotional abuse in relationships. Understanding these types can help individuals identify and protect themselves from emotional abuse.

They do not allow their partner to have any wants or needs of their own and expect them to be grateful for anything given.

1. Asking Without Giving

Sees themselves as a model of excellence, boasting about their skills, intelligence & accomplishments. They consider themselves experts in everything, including what’s best for others.

2. Mr. Perfect

This kind of attacker believes that their significant other is responsible for all the issues in their relationship and acts accordingly.

3. Always Driving Her Crazy

He views himself as a “sensitive” guy & assumes that women should be thankful for his progressive views. He likes to talk about emotions & portrays himself as supportive of women.

4. Overly Sensitive

The man believes that the sole purpose of women is to gratify men, including himself, sexually. Therefore, he views women who are sexually open as “easy” & those who aren’t as “prudes.”

5. The Playboy

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