15 of The Most Annoying Songs Of All Time

15 of The Most Annoying Songs Of All Time

Welcome, brave souls, to our comical journey into the abyss of auditory agony. It’s time to brace and discover the most annoying, ear-drum-tormenting melodies to grace the airwaves – yes, it’s about 15 of the most annoying songs of all time. These tunes burrow into the brain, refusing to leave no matter how much you … Read more

"In the Summertime" - Mungo Jerry

25 Of The Biggest One-Hit Wonders of the 70s

Welcome, music enthusiasts, to a magical mystery tour down the golden grooves of the 1970s! Prepare to groove, tap your feet, and maybe even crack a smile as we rewind the cassette tape of time. We’re on a quest to rediscover those melodious maestros who dashed in, grabbed our hearts with a chart-topping hit, and … Read more

Vocal Doppelgängers: 10 Bands Where New Singers Sound Remarkably Alike

Vocal Doppelgängers: 10 Bands Where New Singers Sound Remarkably Alike

AUTHOR: Stephanie Allen Having a sound that’s uniquely their own makes a musical group stand out from their peers. This especially applies to the lead vocalist. Amazingly, there have been numerous instances of a band replacing their lead singer with someone who sounds identical. Someone asked an online group of music fans to name those … Read more

18 Songs You Won’t Believe Were Banned From The Radio

18 Songs You Won’t Believe Were Banned From The Radio

The realm of music has often been the subject of controversy. Since radio dawn, numerous songs have been banned for reasons ranging from explicit content to outright blasphemy. We delve deep into some unforgettable songs that faced a ban from the airwaves at one time or another. Controversies Surrounding Sexuality We delve deep into some … Read more


25 Songs That Dominated Billboard Charts the Longest

The Billboard Hot 100 charts boast a broad array of songs that will stick in your head no matter what type of music you enjoy. One example is The Police’s “Every Breath You Take,” which was initially perceived as a love song, but the lead vocalist Sting eventually disclosed it to be about stalking. Whether … Read more

100 Songs that dominated Billboard charts the longest

There are songs out there that, for whatever reason, just seem to stick. Our culture is filled with songs that just don’t quit, from Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” to Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.” Which is why today, Stacker is inspecting the top 100 songs that dominated the charts the longest. To determine … Read more

Most popular songs that never won a Grammy

According to the Recording Academy, Grammys are awarded to honor excellence in the recording arts and sciences. The award, which is voted on by a body of artists and technical professionals in the recording industry, recognizes the best of the best, making it the most prestigious award in music. The accolade isn’t given based on … Read more

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