8 Items You Should Never Store in Your Oven Drawer

Olu Ojo
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Almost every oven has a drawer at its base. While many individuals use it for storage, others utilize it as a warming drawer or broiler. The best approach is to consult the appliance manual to ascertain the intended purpose of your oven’s drawer.

However, suppose your oven lacks a button labeled “warming drawer,” and the drawer appears devoid of any special pans. In that case, it’s likely designed for kitchen storage. 

Before you start storing items in this drawer, it’s crucial to consider the high temperatures it reaches when the oven is in use. Storing inappropriate items could damage them and pose a fire hazard.

Ask yourself, “Is this item oven-safe?” If yes, it should withstand the high temperatures inside the drawer. Otherwise, seek an alternative storage location. Basic cookware such as pans, baking sheets, cast iron, and muffin tins are generally safe. However, here are eight items you should never store in your oven drawer:

Items You Should Never Store in Your Oven Drawer

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Cooking Oils

Storing cooking oils like canola, olive, and vegetables under your oven might seem convenient, but it’s extremely hazardous. These oils are highly flammable; you never know when a spark or high heat could ignite them. To ensure safety, store your cooking oils far from the oven.

Wooden Cutting Boards

Storing wooden cutting boards alongside your pots and pans may seem logical, but this can lead to damage from high heat, including cracking or burning. Keep your wooden boards and utensils in a cool, dry place, and remember to oil them regularly.

Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap, or any plastic item, should never be stored under the oven. Even low temperatures can cause plastic wrap to warp, shrink, or melt. Though plastic wrap can be used in the oven at low temperatures, the risk of storage damage is too high.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning products such as rubbing alcohol, anything in an aerosol can, dish detergent, hand sanitizer, and various chemicals are highly flammable and dangerous when exposed to heat. Store these items in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area.

Hand Towels

Storing hand towels under your oven may seem practical but unsafe. Kitchen towels often come into contact with grease and oil, making them explosive even after washing. Keep your towels in a different spot to avoid potential fires.

Pantry Items

If you need more pantry space, resist using your oven drawer for storage. Items like flour, sugar, potato chips, and popcorn can ignite in high heat. Store pantry staples in an excellent, dry location.


Liquors with high alcohol content are extremely flammable and should never be stored in your oven drawer. Distilled alcohol should always be stored in a cool place to help maintain its quality and taste.

Food Storage Containers

Many food storage containers are made of plastic and are not safe for the high temperatures of an oven drawer. They can warp, melt, or even catch fire. Be cautious with glass containers, too, as they often have plastic lids or components that can also be unsafe.


As Andrew Zimmern wisely said, “Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.” Ensuring your kitchen is organized and safe prevents accidents and maintains a functional space. Properly storing your kitchen items can make your kitchen a safe and enjoyable place for all your culinary adventures.


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