The 5 Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven of 2023

Olu Ojo
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Do you love fried food but hate the unhealthy consequences? If so, an air fryer toaster oven may be the perfect appliance for you!

These devices allow you to enjoy your favorite fried foods without all of the added fat and calories. This post will look at five of the market’s best air fryer toaster ovens.

We’ll discuss the features and benefits of each one so that you can find the perfect one for your needs!

Toaster ovens have remained the most commonly used convection-style appliances for many years. But with technological development, air fryer toaster ovens have emerged as the universal appliances in a modern kitchen.

The machine features a combination of an air fryer and a toaster oven.

What Is an Air Fryer Toaster Oven?

An air fryer toaster oven offers the convenience of combining an air fryer, a toaster oven, and sometimes even a roasting machine – all in one appliance! Moreover, it takes up less space than your traditional toaster oven.

An air fryer toaster oven is designed with an elegant and sharp shape, allowing it to fit perfectly in a corner or against the wall. Plus, its sleek look provides for seamless integration into any kitchen setup!

When it comes to durability, the majority of top-of-the-line air fryer toaster ovens are made from stainless steel.

Additionally, these appliances can hold far more food than their traditional counterparts – up to a twelve-inch pizza or an entire chicken!

This eliminates the need for batch cooking and ultimately results in much faster dinners served on your table with ease.

More About the Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven

As mentioned, air fryer toaster ovens look pretty significant than classic ones. Thus, you’ll have to figure out the space where to fit the appliance.

The smallest unit, for example, measures 17 ¾ inches wide, 9 inches high, and 11.5 inches in depth.

Moreover, these appliances boast up to thirteen distinct functions for your convenience. This means it’ll work great with whatever you have in mind–from roasting and baking to bread-proofing!

Some air fryer toaster ovens have manual or digital controls. With digital controls, you can choose exactly what time and temperature you want.

Not only do these appliances provide pre-programmed options, making them incredibly convenient for quickly cooking frozen pizzas and the like, but they also allow you to manually adjust the settings so that fries or chicken wings can be prepared precisely how you wish.

Because air fryer toaster ovens are large, they can accommodate plenty of food. For example, a single appliance can hold nine standard slices of bread, entire chicken, a 12-inch pizza, etc. Some can also have a quarter sheet pan or a classic casserole dish.

Unlike a standard fryer, the best air fryer toaster oven is pretty expensive. The high price comes as a result of the additional toasting functionality.

What Are Some of The Best Air Fryer Toaster Ovens On The Market?

The best air fryer toaster oven can do almost everything. For example, you can make crispy French fries, chicken nuggets, crisp-crusted pizza, toasted bread, etc.

Not only do these appliances make your job more straightforward, but they also deliver outstanding results in the kitchen.

Air fryer toaster ovens have become popular because of their versatility and convenient features. And for that reason, the current market has experienced a rise of different latest models every day.

There are many different options in the market, and trying to find the best one can be confusing. So, we have tested different air fryer toaster ovens side-by-side to come up with the best ones for 2023.

After testing a variety of air fryer toaster ovens, it was clear that the Cuisinart TOA-65 Digital Toaster Oven stood out from all the rest. Nevertheless, we also found excellent performance in other appliances as they made food tastier and healthier with significantly reduced fat content.

1.    Cuisinart TOA-65 Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven

The Cuisinart TOA-65 incorporates a multicooker’s versatility and smart convenience. Plus, the appliance has an intuitive interface. Therefore, it provides convenient ways to navigate through sensible programmed settings.

The intuitive digital interface also helps you to program conveniently to the required degrees. Thus, it limits the chances of cooking errors.

A great appliance, this toaster oven and air fryer offer many functions, including toast, broiling, baking, bagel roast, dehydrating, reheating, and warming. Moreover, it has an adjustable temperature range allowing you the flexibility to cook all your favorite dishes!

In addition to its impressive features, this appliance offers a low-temperature setting, allowing you to easily slow cook, braise, and perform other culinary tasks.

The TOA-65 digital air fryer toaster oven has a fan and heater that operate efficiently but quietly. On top of that, they deliver high velocity and heat flow, allowing you to achieve the optimal fried end product for your meals.

If you fry using the TOA-65, you can expect every dish to come out a crispy and golden brown. For instance, batter-fried chicken prepared with this appliance will have that crunchy texture all your favorite fast food restaurants promise. Moreover, toast comes out evenly cooked without becoming too dark or burnt – but still has an enjoyable chewiness!

The appliance comes with an oven light so you can see your food’s progress. It also includes an oven rack, an air fryer basket, and a dishwasher-safe baking pan. In addition, it has a nonstick easy-clean interior which makes a clean much more convenient.

Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Key Features

  • 1800-watt toaster oven and air fryer; it features premium functions (air fry, bake, toast, broil, dehydrate, proof, dual cook, etc.)
  • It has a wide temperature range (Warm -450˚F).
  • Enough space; it can accommodate 3 pounds, roast 4-pound chicken, bake 12-inch pizza, etc.
  • It incorporates a low-temperature setting for a slow cook, braise, etc.
  • It has dedicated functions for proofing and dehydrating.
  • Fan and heater for high-velocity and high-heat airflow for excellent fried results.
  • It features an oven light, a rack, a dishwasher-safe baking pan, and an air fryer basket.
  • It has a nonstick, easy-to-clean interior for convenient cleaning.
  • It comes with a limited three-year warranty.


  • You need to adjust the time and temperature when baking.


With their sleek and space-saving design, Cuisinart TOA-65 Digital air fryers are a great choice for anyone wanting to make the most of their countertop. Not only do they boast an impressive range of features, but they also fit nicely into tight spaces!

Nonetheless, the compact size can hold a lot of food content. For instance, it can have six slices of bread, three pounds of French fries, four-pound roast chicken, etc.

Besides digital display and controls, the Cuisinart TOA-65 has intuitive programming, adjustable temperature settings, and cooking presets.

2.    Gourmia GTF7460

Boasting a price tag on par with dual-function air fryer toaster ovens, the Gourmia GTF7460 may lack an upscale appearance but still possesses the same digital air frying capabilities.

This appliance’s features make it a formidable adversary to the available top brands. As a result, the Gourmia is dominating US markets and has become one of the most desired air fryers around the globe!

Besides quality, the appliance delivers the value you need for home essentials. And it has some unique features. For instance, it comes with a French-door design which allows you to access the oven conveniently.

You’ll find a larger cooking capacity with the Gourmia GTF7460 toaster oven air fryer. For instance, the space can fit a twelve-inch pizza or six slices of bread.

The toaster oven air fryer provides a fantastic performance regardless of the food prepared. For example, chicken nuggets or French fries come out brown with a crispy taste. But, with homemade recipes, the food takes an even coloring with a little crunch.

The Gourmia provides excellent toasting of bread. At the same time, it will produce crisp-crusted pizza. Also, it can broil your chicken breasts faster and evenly.

The appliance is enhanced with the revolutionary fry-force 360˚ technology. This innovative countertop device circulates hot air around all directions to prepare food faster than ever, rendering frozen items golden brown in a couple of minutes!

Gourmia leaves your food with little or no fats while retaining the authentic flavor in your food. In addition, it incorporates fat removal technology, which eliminates up to 90% of fat while cooking.

Key Features

  • Number one bestselling air fryer brand in the US in 2022.
  • It has an adequate cooking space; it can prepare 12-inch pizza or six slices of bread.
  • 24L XL countertop air fryer oven; it fits whole meals, which allows you to cook once.
  • Easy-set controls; the countertop appliance boasts 17 cooking presets.
  • It has a fryforce 360˚ Technology; it cooks food with quick, super-heated air from all directions.
  • It provides the Healthiest way to fry; the fat removal technology of Gourmia removes 90% of fat through cooking.
  • Dishwasher-safe; it cooks faster and cleans easily.
  • Warranty; Gourmia toaster oven fryer combo includes a one-year comprehensive international warranty.


  • It has a generic design.
  • The manual of the appliance doesn’t have complete information.


A fantastic feature of Gourmia is the ability to toast bread and turn out pizza crisp-crusted. So your slices of bread will come out toasted evenly with a golden-brown color.

The pizza looks like it has a crispy crust and is cooked well. You can see inside the air fryer toaster oven to check if it is cooking the way you want. Plus, it works great with french fries and chicken nuggets.

3.    Breville Smart Oven Air fryer Pro

Breville’s revolutionary oven air fryer is a sight to behold with its sleek brushed stainless steel accents. Best of all, it offers some awe-inspiring features like the Element IQ System!

This system is equipped with six independent quartz elements, and its intelligent algorithms provide optimal power distribution to ensure a perfect cooking experience.

Advanced sensing and digital PID temperature control of the appliance ensures that cold spots are eliminated, resulting in accurate and perfectly cooked meals every time.

You can create many delicious recipes by adjusting the air fry and dehydrate settings on Breville’s intelligent oven air fryer. With higher temperatures and enhanced airflow due to super-convection technology, your food will get that golden crispy exterior everyone loves.

Also, you might set the device to dehydrate a wide range of foods. You can prepare around four trays of food at the same time.

With extra-large capacity, Breville allows you to prepare up to nine slices of bread, fourteen-pound turkey, etc. Using the five qt Dutch oven; you can also fry french fries or slow-cook other foods.

The design of this toaster air fryer oven looks large enough to hold around a 9×3-inch pan or 12-cup muffin trays. The appliance also has an integrated interior light that automatically turns on after every cooking cycle.

You can also turn it on at any time so that you can see the progress of your cooking.

Key Features

  • LCD Display; the LCD helps you conveniently access the built-in innovative features and cooking features.
  • It includes a Thirteen-inch pizza pan, two oven racks, a 9×13-inch broil rack, and an enamel roasting pan.
  • The appliance comes with a two-year limited warranty.
  • Interior oven light; the integrated oven light automatically turns on after each cooking cycle.
  • Interior oven light; the integrated oven light automatically turns on after each cooking cycle.
  • Extralarge capacity: the interior of the appliance measures 21.5 x 17.1 x 12.7 inches.
  • Extralarge capacity: the interior of the appliance measures 21.5 x 17.1 x 12.7 inches.
  • Thirteen cooking functions: toast, bake, roast, warm, broil, bagel, air fry, dehydrate, slow-cook, reheat, etc.
  • Super convection technology; the two-speed convection fan (super and regular) offers greater cooking control.
  • Element iQ System; it has six independent quartz elements and intelligent algorithms for perfect power delivery.


  • The appliance doesn’t have a safe dishwasher.
  • It looks a bit large.


The Breville Air Fryer Toaster Oven is incredibly versatile with its digital controls and outstanding element iQ System featuring six independent quartz elements alongside intelligent algorithms.

These features help it to distribute power evenly and at the required time. In addition, it can hold enough food content with several cooking functions making it a versatile appliance.

4.    Ninja DT201 Foodi 10-in-1 XL

NinjaDT201 is a digital countertop and convection toaster air fryer oven with dehydrating and reheating features. It also has an excellent stainless steel finish, making the appliance more attractive and sturdy.

Investing in the Ninja DT2301 convection toaster is worth it as this appliance has been carefully designed and is multi-purpose. Furthermore, digital controls have been cleverly placed on the handle of the appliance, making operations easier than ever before! Not only that, but with its 10-in-1 versatility features, you’ll be able to carry out various functions easily – all in a single go!

For example, the machine will enable you to air fry, bake, air roast, whole, roast, toast, broil, reheat, dehydrate, bagel, etc.

With Ninja DT201 Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro, you experience faster cooking. The appliance provides a 90-second oven preheat time with up to 30% quicker operation than the traditional convection oven.

Additionally, the appliance boasts enough cooking capacity to fit a five-pound chicken or sheet pan of vegetables on two levels. On top of that, you can easily stuff it with up to two 12-inch pizzas or even a massive twelve-pound turkey!

The Ninja DT2301 10-in-1 XL Pro air fry function removes up to 75% of fat from your food. Therefore, you can enjoy a healthier meal together with your family. In addition, the appliance produces up to 30 percent crispier results than the traditional convection oven.

You will love the Ninja DT2301 for the perfect preparation of baked foods. It produces 50 percent better baking results than other countertop ovens.

Key Feature

  • 10-in-1 versatility; the appliance allows you to air fry, roast, bake, whole roast, broil, dehydrate, etc.
  • Faster cooking; the machine enables a 90-second oven to preheat time than the traditional full-size oven.
  • Extralarge family-sized capacity; it offers two-level even cuisine which doesn’t need rotating.
  • Less fat; you eat air-fried food with less than 75% fat than when you use a traditional deep fryer.
  • Digital display handle; the optimal oven rack illuminates depending on the chosen function.
  • Crispier results allow up to 30 percent crisper results of prepared food.
  • Ideal for baking, the appliance produces close to 50% better baking than most countertop ovens.
  • It includes two sheet pans, an air fry basket, two wire racks, a roast tray crumb tray, and a DT200 series owner’s guide.


  • The appliance is heavy.
  • It looks more significant than other similar ovens on the market.


The Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 is a revolutionary air fry oven that incorporates precision cooking with its built-in thermometer.

As a result, you can cook different dishes perfectly, from succulent chicken breasts cooked just the way you like them to rare and juicy beef tenderloins – all cooked automatically at precisely the right temperature!

In addition, the Ninja gives evenly toasted slices of bread even with several loads of pieces. So a batch of biscuits or a 12-inch pizza bakes to perfection.

5.    Cuisinart Air Fryer + Convection Toaster Oven

Cuisinart air-fryer + convection toaster is a premium 1800-watt toaster that also acts as an oven and an air fryer. It has an air fry setting, toast, a convection bake, a wide temperature range (warm-450˚F), and a warming feature.

In terms of capacity, the appliance can hold large amounts of food, like a 12-inch pizza. Also, you can perfectly fit and roast a four-pound chicken, air fry three pounds of chicken wings, etc.

Designed with a 60-minute timer/auto-shutoff and the toast shade selector, it ensures perfectly cooked meals.

Key Features

  • This premium 1800-watt toaster air fryer oven has an air fry setting, toast, and several cooking functions.
  • It has a wide temperature range (warm-450˚F).
  • The appliances feature a nonstick easy-clean interior and operate quietly.
  • It includes an oven light, a rack, an air fry basket, and a baking pan.
  • It has a large cooking area to toast six slices of bread, a twelve-inch pizza, or air fry three pounds of chicken wings.
  • It comes with a toast-shade selector timer.
  • You’ll find a three-year warranty with the appliance.


  • You can hardly see the knobs of the appliance.
  • It has a few settings that need to be clarified.


The premium air fryer + convection toaster oven by Cuisinart has a large surface area as an air fryer. Furthermore, it makes very delicious foods while browning the toast evenly. Also, it requires an easy cleanup after use.


Overall, the evidence suggests that air fryer toaster ovens are safer and healthier for fried food lovers. If you’re considering purchasing one of these devices, be sure to read our review so that you can find the perfect one for your needs!


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