Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time

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Prepare for a grand spectacle! Unfurl the crimson carpet, dim the luminance, ensure an ample supply of popcorn, and embark on an immersive cinematic marathon! For film enthusiasts who relish the phrase “the longer, the better,” buckle up; there’s a treat for you.

Delve headfirst into the record-breaking realm of the top 15 longest movies of all time. Consider this the ultimate guide to the most extravagant expressions of endurance in cinema. Who’s up for a movie night that might turn into a movie weekend?

The Innocence

Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time
© Ashraf Shishir

21 Hours, 5 Minutes

Experience an epic Iranian documentary by Mohsen Makhmalbaf, spanning 21 hours and 5 minutes! Delve into the art and impact of Iranian cinema, showcasing its cultural identity. Get ready with popcorn and comfy pillows for this cinematic journey.

La Flor

Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time
Unknown author

13 Hours, 23 Minutes

La Flor is not just a movie; it’s an endurance test, a marathon of cinematic excellence! Clocking in at a whopping 13 hours and 23 minutes, it’s as if director Mariano Llinás challenged the definition of ‘long.’ It’s a six-part anthology where each chapter feels like a different genre. The movie unfurls like a blooming flower, hence the name “La Flor.”

Out 1

Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time
Unknown author

12 Hours, 55 Minutes

Out 1, an audacious cinematic experiment by Jacques Rivette, is a 12-hour, 55-minute journey through endurance and narrative. This mammoth of a movie challenges convention, rewarding patient viewers with a uniquely compelling and hypnotic experience.

Evolution Of A Filipino Family

Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time
Unknown author

9 hours, 53 minutes

“Evolution of a Filipino Family,” a masterpiece by the brilliant Lav Diaz, takes us on a captivating journey through the turbulent history of the Philippines from the 70s to the 80s. Through the lens of a poor rural family, this cinematic marathon explores themes of character development, historical context, and thought-provoking dialogues.

Death In The Land Of Encantos

Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time
Unknown Author

8 hours, 58 minutes

“Death In The Land Of Encantos” is a cinematic marvel from the Philippines, known for its extraordinary length of 538 minutes. Directed by Lav Diaz, this film explores the aftermath of a super typhoon, delving into the lives of artists, poets, and philosophers. It offers an intense and profoundly human exploration of grief, loss, and resilience that will captivate viewers for an entire day.

Heremias: (Book One: Legend Of The Lizard Princess)

Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time

8 Hours, 39 Minutes

This is a Filipino drama directed by Lav Diaz. With a runtime of 519 minutes, it’s different from your typical movie. The story follows Heremias, a craftsman who embarks on a journey and is caught in a brewing storm. This slow-burn film explores themes of solitude, existential dread, and human resilience.

A Lullaby To The Sorrowful Mystery

Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time

8 Hours, 5 Minutes

This behemoth of a movie from the Philippines clocks in at a whopping 8 hours and 5 minutes. Directed by Lav Diaz, the film unpacks the country’s rich history and mythology. It’s a surrealist epic that fuses folklore, history, and mysticism into a remarkable cinematic experience. So, do you think you’re up for the challenge?

The Works & Days (Of Tayoko Shiojiri In The Shiotani Basin)

Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time
© General Asst.

8 Hours

With a runtime of 480 minutes, this contemplative exploration takes us into the life of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basin. It’s a cinematic masterpiece that symbolizes the timeless rhythm of life itself. Though demanding, it’s worth every minute spent.


Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time
Magnolia Pictures

7 Hours, 30 Minutes

“Melancholia” (2011) is a captivating cinematic experience that delves into the intricate bond between two sisters amidst the impending doom of a rogue planet. This apocalyptic drama, directed by Lars Von Trier, combines symbolism, breathtaking visuals, and existential dread to create a lasting impression.

Though not the longest film on our list, its 450-minute runtime ensures an immersive journey of emotions.


Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time
© arrtisst

7 Hours, 19 Minutes

Sátántangó, helmed by the brilliant Béla Tarr, stands tall as a true Hungarian masterpiece. Its magnitude is awe-inspiring, captivating audiences with its cinematic prowess and storytelling. Set in a small Hungarian town after Communism’s fall, the film explores the lives of villagers.

With its unique narrative style, slow-paced storytelling, and haunting black-and-white cinematography, Sátántangó offers hardcore film fans a lengthy yet rewarding journey.

The Wheel

Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time
Photo by A7A08A72

6 Hours, 53 Minutes

“The Wheel” is a 1923 silent film directed by Abel Gance that tests the endurance of any movie buff. With a runtime of 6 hours 53 (413 minutes), it’s different from your average flick-and-chill choice. This cinematic marathon portrays the life of a train engineer, turning even the most mundane aspects of life into an epic saga.

The Best Of Youth

Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time
Unknown author

6 Hours, 6 Minutes

This Italian masterpiece is one of the longest films ever made and a heartfelt saga spanning four decades. It follows the lives of two Italian brothers from the 1960s to the turn of the century. Despite its lengthy runtime, the engaging storyline and compelling characters make it a worthwhile watch.


Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time

5 Hours, 39 Minutes

Carlos” is a titanic titan among the top longest movies of all time. This behemoth of a biopic runs for a whopping 339 minutes, challenging even the most dedicated film addicts. But don’t be daunted – the captivating tale of Carlos the Jackal, a notorious Venezuelan terrorist, is sure to keep you glued to your seat. Armed with an arsenal of international intrigue, suspense, and action, “Carlos” proves that sometimes, more is more.

From What Is Before

Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time

5 Hours, 38 Minutes

“From What Is Before” is a captivating Philippine drama directed by Lav Diaz. This cinematic masterpiece takes viewers on a transcendent journey through time and space, weaving a mesmerizing narrative fabric. While the film’s 338-minute length may seem daunting, those who immerse themselves in Diaz’s universe will be spellbound. Get ready for a cinematic feast that is worth every minute!

Happy Hour

Top 15 Longest Movies of All Time

This 2015 Japanese drama from director Ryusuke Hamaguchi clocked at an impressive five hours and seventeen minutes. Yes, you read that right.

This is not your standard feature film length; it’s an epic saga of friendship and life’s complexities among four Japanese women.


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