10 Terrible Movies That Were Much Worse Than We Prepared For

Saad Muzaffar
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Incredible movies can transport us to different worlds, evoke strong emotions, and leave us in awe of the storytelling craft. However, now and then, we encounter cinematic disasters that take us on a journey we were ill-prepared for.

From misguided adaptations to colossal flops, a community of cinema enthusiasts wonders how such productions ever saw the light of day—these cinematic calamities.

Battlefield Earth: When Aliens Attack Our Sanity!

John Travolta in Battlefield Earth (2000)

Battlefield Earth was a horrible watch for many. While the original science fiction book was interesting, according to one user, the movie didn’t do it justice.

Another person remarks how it was the worst book they couldn’t put down! L Ron Hubbard may be weird, but hey, at least he wrote gripping sci-fi!

When The Last Airbender Goes on a Bender

Last Airbender

While the Nickelodeon show holds a special place in the hearts of many people, the live adaptation was off-putting. One person admits they haven’t forgiven Shyamalan for the movie. Unfortunately, it wasn’t merely a bad adaptation but a poorly made film by any cinematic criteria.

Many admit they try to forget it happened and hope the newer productions to redeem Aang.

Coming to America: The Sequel That Should Have Stayed in Development Hell

Photo by Paramount Pictures

According to one user, part two was a downgrade when contrasted with Coming to America, one of the top five comedies of all time. While many gave up on watching the whole thing after the first 10-20 minutes to forget it was ever made, one user regrets sitting through it in hopes it would improve. Spoiler alert: it didn’t.

The Room: So-Bad-It’s-Good Phenomenon

Photo by Wiseau-Films

No, we’re not talking about Room, the 2015 thriller. That one was great. But we are indeed talking about The Room by Tommy Wiseau. However, it’s an exception because it is so bad. It’s good. One person aptly says had the film not been so entertaining. It would’ve been an excruciating watch.

Another member wonders why they have watched The Room ten times despite the film being terrible. At least the memes made up for the atrocity!

Wonder Woman 1984: A Superhero Sequel That Lost Its Lasso

Photo Credit to Atlus Entertainment/DC Productions/Stone Quarry

This film disappointed numerous viewers, considering the first was quite well made, but the next wholly dipped. One user wondered who thought having a stone that makes any wish come true was a good idea.

Eragon: From Beloved Books to Big-Screen Blunder

Photo Credit to Fox 2000 Pictures/Davis Entertainment/Dune Entertainment

Someone mentions being obsessed with the Eragon book series in their teenage years. Hence, they couldn’t help but be devastated when they watched the adaptation. They hope for the Disney+ series to undo the damage.

Hellraiser: Descending into Hellish Horror Sequels

Photo Credits to Dimension Films/Neo Art & Logic/Miramax

A member and his girlfriend enjoyed the first few parts of the Hellraiser series. He recalls watching part five, finding it horrible, only to discover the latter parts were much worse.

According to one, they were hyped by the title Deaders only to discover that the movie was so bad they don’t even recall what happened!

Starship Troopers 2: Invasion of the Mediocre Bugs

Photo Credit to Startroop Pictures Inc. / Tippett Studio

Here’s the recipe for Starship Troopers 2, according to one user. Subtract the element of humor, special effects, satire, and the incredible cast that made Starship Troopers great. Then, put in some bad actors on an underwhelming set, and voila!

Thor – Love and Thunder: An Expensive Misfire

Photo Credit to Disney/Marvel Studios

Astonishingly, a lousy movie could cost $250 million. One person mentions with that kind of budget, they would be hard-pressed to find a worse movie. Record-breaking!

Catwoman: A Feline Fiasco on the Big Screen

Photo by Doane Gregory – © 2004 Warner Brothers

Forget about the plot. The filming was so horrendous that one member thinks the basketball scene was captured by someone dropping the camera half the time!

Source: Reddit

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