15 Worst Foods to Eat for Breakfast

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Wakey-wakey, eggs, and…whoa, hold on a minute! Did you know that what you reach for first thing in the morning can be the villain behind your unwanted weight gain, not-so-perky energy levels, and an afternoon slump that has you crawling for the coffee pot? Welcome to the dark side of the breakfast table.

No-Fiber Cereals

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Fiber, my friends, is the secret weapon for a satisfying breakfast, keeping us full and fueled throughout the morning. It also helps to manage weight, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart disease. So, while those colorful, sweet, fiber-less cereals might be tempting, remember they are essentially bowls of empty calories and sugar.

Bottled Smoothies

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These seemingly ‘healthy’ bottled smoothies are often loaded with sugar and preservatives to enhance their shelf life and taste. A typical 15.2-ounce bottle can contain up to 54 grams of sugar, more than twice the American Heart Association’s recommended daily sugar intake for women. Remember, not all that looks fruity is gold!


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Bagels are a glorified serving of refined carbohydrates, offering a whopping 48-60 grams per piece. That’s equivalent to eating four slices of bread in one sitting! And if you think that ‘everything bagel’ is getting you your daily dose of seeds, think again. Those sesame and poppy seeds sprinkled on top are merely a drop in the nutritional ocean.

Cinnamon Roll

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Let’s face it: who doesn’t love waking up to the aroma of cinnamon and sugar? But here’s the bitter truth: a single cinnamon roll can pack about 500 calories, not to mention up to 17 grams of fat and an astonishing 55 grams of sugar. That’s more sugar than you should consume in an entire day!

Non-Fat Yogurt

20 Foods You Didn't Know Are Good for Your Heart
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While low in fat, many of these yogurts compensate for the lack of taste by adding an overabundance of sugar. Some brands pack a whopping 15 grams of sugar into a tiny 6-ounce serving! That’s more than half the daily recommended intake in your seemingly healthy breakfast. Swap out the non-fat, sugar-loaded imposter with a full-fat, unsweetened version.

Coffee Deluxe

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Laden with extra whip and flavored syrups and often accompanied by a nice chunk of caramel or chocolate, it’s more of a dessert disguised as a morning pick-me-up. According to a report by the USDA, an average mocha coffee drink can contain up to 500 calories, not to mention 60 grams of sugar!


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These fluffy little sugar bombs can pack a whopping 400-500 calories each, and that’s before we even consider the sugar content. One muffin can have more than 37 grams of sugar – that’s almost as much as a 12-ounce can of soda!

Pre-Mixed Oatmeal

20 Foods You Didn't Know Are Good for Your Heart
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Packed with sugars and artificial flavors, these convenient little packets are more like dessert in disguise. In fact, a standard packet contains around 14 grams of sugar. That’s equivalent to about three and a half sugar cubes! As if that wasn’t enough, they are also lower in fiber and protein compared to whole oats.

Pancakes With Syrup

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As delicious as they are, pancakes with syrup are primarily made of refined flour and are doused in high-fructose corn syrup. Refined flour is stripped of fiber and nutrients, leaving you with ’empty calories.’

Not to mention, syrup is virtually 100% sugar. This delicious but deadly combo can cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash, leaving you feeling sluggish and hungry again in no time.

Granola Bars

16 Foods That Seem Healthy but Aren’t
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Crunch, crunch! According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, some granola bars contain up to 8 grams of sugar. Yes, granola bars are convenient and taste sweetly divine, but many are loaded with sugars, high-fructose corn syrup, and unhealthy fats, all tucked away under the guise of “nutritious” breakfast. 

Heat n’ Eat Wraps

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These bad boys can pack up to 600 calories each, and that’s before you add any sauces or sides. They’re often loaded with sodium, saturated fat, and a day’s worth of cholesterol. You might as well start your day with a fast-food breakfast sandwich – at least you know what you’re getting into!

Biscuits and Gravy

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One serving alone can pack in a whopping 720 calories and 35 grams of fat, not to mention the heart-stopping 9 grams of saturated fat. And don’t get us started on the sodium content – a staggering 1640 milligrams!

Hash Brown Patties

Photo: © tetianachernykovaphotos via canva.com

A single hash brown patty can pack in around 150 calories, most of which come from fat—around 8 grams, to be exact. And let’s not forget the whopping 300 milligrams of sodium! It’s enough to make your heart race—and not in a good way.

Energy Drinks

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Not so fast, my sleep-deprived friend. An average 16-ounce energy drink can contain up to 54 grams of sugar and 160 mg of caffeine, much more than your morning cup of joe. And that’s not all, folks. The harsh reality is that these drinks can lead to energy crashes, jitters, and even heart palpitations.

Turkey Bacon

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Sure, turkey bacon is leaner than pork bacon, but it’s also packed with sodium. A single serving of turkey bacon contains around 366 mg of sodium, which is over 15% of your daily recommended intake.

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