14 Reasons Why Transformative Travel Improves Your Wellness

Transformative Travel

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain.

From discovering new places to learning the intricacies of the world’s cultures, transformational traveling has many benefits.

Transformative vacation or trip provides a sense of adventure.

Getting out there and seeing the sights offers rewards beyond compare.

However, transformative traveling offers more than just entertainment.

It comes with a myriad of benefits that are often overlooked.

Here are some unique ways that transformative travel enhances our lives.

1. Transformative Travel Makes us A Better Person

The process of traveling enriches us on multiple levels.

By immersing oneself in other cultures different from one’s own, it becomes easier for one to appreciate what they have at home.

Travel offers an opportunity to see what other cultures think of the world and how they live.

One can learn about their different customs, eating habits, or traditions.

There is no better way to realize you are not alone in your experiences than through learning about others’ lives.

And it’s not just people who benefit from travel; places do as well!

It opens our eyes to new ideas and concepts that we never fathomed before, whether in different landscapes or monuments that signify important historical moments.

By studying the past, we understand the present problems facing us today more easily.

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2. Makes Us Feel Alive

Much of everyday life is routine.

We follow a schedule every day with few deviations from this norm without much regard for our surroundings.

Even for those who live in major cities, the constant hustle and bustle may give little time for reflection or introspection.

Transformative traveling breaks that cycle by making us realize just how much of life we are missing out on.

It reminds us why it is so important to move away from monotony.

When traveling, it’s not uncommon to feel alive as you become fully immersed in another culture, eat new food or see new sites (for example, the Taj Mahal, Yosemite National Park).

One might even find themselves feeling more creative after seeing something beautiful like a sunset at the beach or green grassy hills; this could be an opportunity for one to stimulate their mind by taking up painting or writing poetry or exploring photography.

3. Makes us Appreciate What We Have

No matter how much one travels, one will never be able to see everything.

There are just too many places in the world that one could not possibly hope to visit them all, especially when you consider each country has anywhere between two and twelve states (or provinces), not counting the small island countries of Oceania!

Even if one had an infinite amount of money, it would take more than a lifetime to get around to seeing everything there is on this planet.

Fortunately, with modern technology, it’s possible to learn about other cultures while staying in your living room -the internet provides access to images and videos from all over the world, some even having live feeds!

With access to this technology, one would see what’s happening in any part of the world whenever they so desire.

Inclusive is the knowledge-base that one builds over time by studying different cultures and making conclusions about what might make them alike or different.

4. Allows us to Learn More About Ourselves

Though transformative traveling provides us with new insight into others, it has an equally powerful impact on ourselves as well.

We are better equipped to understand our own culture and beliefs by comparing them with those around us by venturing into other societies.

We become wiser as we gain experience seeing how others live their lives.

Even simple interactions can provide insights into aspects of other cultures that you might not have thought of before.

5. Helps To Learn About Other Cultures

Of course, one of the most important reasons for traveling is for education!

For example, aside from visiting museums and other cultural centers, traveling abroad in a foreign country can help to broaden your horizons by providing you with an immersive and contextualized learning experience.

You would get a chance to interact with people who live in that society and see how they think and act under normal circumstances, which could be difficult to do while reading textbooks or watching movies.

Traveling also allows you to investigate others’ opinions on current events because it gives opportunities for discussion (especially if you travel with like-minded individuals).

These experiences will surely give one more insight into the dynamics of the world at large.

6. Make us more Productive

Without time to stop and reflect on our daily activities, many people are left feeling drained by the end of their day.

Traveling offers different experiences that could help you break out of that cycle by providing a novel activity to invigorate your mind.

There are countless possibilities given that if one were planning to travel abroad, they would want to experience everything they could!

This means getting off our butts to see new places, not just sitting around watching TV or reading books about other cultures.

By doing so, one might find themselves giving up unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking too often -if only because it might be difficult or dangerous for them to do so while abroad.

Benefits of Transormational Travel
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7. Aids in the Realization of Our Dreams

No matter what you think about it, everyone has aspirations for the future!

Whether concrete or abstract, it is essential not to lose sight of them.

Traveling can help us accomplish these goals by providing an experience that will move us closer to where we want to be – whether this means visiting another country or taking another step toward a personal goal (like learning how to play guitar).

With enough time and effort, one could potentially reach their destination; they might even meet people who share their interests along the way.

This rejuvenating sense of achievement is very fulfilling.

It inspires one to continue on their path until they have become everything they had dreamed of.

8. It’s Fun!

This is the simplest reason for transformative traveling and perhaps the most obvious.

By taking the time to travel, one could experience things that they might not otherwise be able to (or want to) do at home, like bungee jumping or scuba diving.

Also, many people find that changing their environment, even temporarily, helps them see the world in a different light.

If we put our curiosity to good use, there are limitless transformative experiences ahead of us.

All we have to do now is make them happen.

9. You can make new friends all over the world

Visiting new places will always open you up to new opportunities, one of which is meeting interesting people that can broaden your social network.

You just might meet someone who has similar interests and could become a good friend if you stay in touch after your trip!

Or, you may want to keep in touch with other travelers who happen to be at the same location as you during the time.

10. Transformative Traveling can Break Down Biases and Stereotypes

Traveling helps us put things into perspective, allowing us to learn more about the world around us.

It gives us the chance to look beneath the surface at how people live their lives by immersing ourselves within a different culture through real interactions with locals.

If anything, transformative traveling can help us learn to appreciate diversity.

11. An Avenue for Self-Discovery

Transformative traveling allows you to have new experiences that would otherwise not happen if we just stayed in one place all the time.

These experiences are often profound enough to change who we are as individuals by forcing us to adapt to whatever situation arises during our travels.

We may even learn more about what kind of life we want to lead by being exposed to different cultures and ways of life!

12. Experience Unique Things You Cannot Experience at Home

We’ve all heard it said before: travel provides useful lessons since exposure allows us to broaden our horizons and promotes growth by allowing us to engage with situations, people, cultures, ideas, and customs that are different from our own.

It is precisely because of this reason that you should visit places you’ve never been before to experience the things only unique destinations can offer!

13. You will Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Job

If you want to increase productivity in your work, traveling every now and then would surely do wonders for you!

Being exposed to different cultures can help us develop new ideas on how we could improve our lives at home by having a fresh set of eyes look at it… literally and figuratively speaking.

Traveling helps broaden our minds, which allows us to approach problems from a more open-minded perspective.

This means that we could possibly find newer and better ways of solving old problems.

14. You’ll Become More Open-Minded

As you will inevitably discover when you travel, most people (who are open to new experiences) hold their beliefs less tightly than the general population.

This is because they might have had different life experiences, which resulted in them forming alternative explanations or ideas about certain things, like how people of other races act or what it’s like to live in another country.

By being surrounded by these individuals while traveling, one will be more likely to absorb this mindset and practice it themselves.

Not only that but meeting new friends who share your interests can help keep you focused on your goals.

It also provides an opportunity for friendship because by spending time with someone enough, you’re bound to get closer!

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Just Before You Go….

People argue that traveling isn’t always fun because it entails spending a lot of money.

Some might also argue that it’s too dangerous because of the threat of terrorism or unpredictable weather patterns.

However, with so many amazing things to see and do, most people would agree it is definitely worth it!

If you are reading this, then chances are you agree with me!

So why not consider taking a transformative trip abroad?

Whether it be just a quick weekend getaway for some fun in the sun or planning on spending an entire semester abroad at one of your dream universities if you are a student, there are myriad benefits to be had that will help boost your confidence, make you more open-minded, and provide you with life-changing experiences.

Take my word for it; these benefits will make the world seem like a much smaller place!



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Olu is a passionate entrepreneur who loves to blog about life-saving lifestyle habits, hacks, and travel. He lives in the Western part of Canada.

Olu has two bachelor’s degrees in Veterinary Medicine and Applied Accounting with a CPA designation. He currently shuffles time between completing a Master of Business Administration degree education, Accounting professional practice, and Blogging.

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  • Olu is a passionate entrepreneur who loves to blog on his site- frenzhub about life-saving lifestyle habits, hacks, and travel. He lives in the Western part of Canada. Olu has two bachelor’s degrees in Veterinary Medicine and Applied Accounting with a CPA designation and currently shuffles time between completing a Master of Business Administration degree education, Accounting professional practice, and Blogging. He has freelanced lifestyle write-ups and articles for many websites since 2010.

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