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10 Countries the U.S. Has Issued a Warning for Americans Not To Travel To

The U.S. State Department issues travel advisory warnings that, among other functions, tell you how brave of a traveler you are. Level 4 Advisories mean “you’re freaking nuts if you go here and you’re not in the Armed Forces,” for lack of more formal language. These countries made the dubiously distinguished Level 4 Travel Advisory … Read more

16 U.S Cities With the Friendliest People You'll Ever Meet

16 U.S Cities With the Friendliest People You’ll Ever Meet

Everyone wants to feel welcomed and accepted when they visit a new place, and luckily there are many cities in the United States that offer just that. From small towns with big personalities to bustling metropolises with plenty of friendly faces, these sixteen U.S. cities have some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Whether … Read more

Best pieces of advice for people traveling alone

10 Best Pieces of Advice for People Traveling Alone

Traveling alone should not be scary. On the contrary, it can be fun and exciting and a great way to learn, grow, and explore new places. But you should still be prepared. According to a popular internet forum, here are some of the best pieces of advice for solo travelers. Always Stay In Hostels There … Read more

Beautiful happy couple taking selfie self-portrait on Brooklyn Bridge, New York. Hipster tourists having fun and photographing NY landmarks for travel blog.

10 Unique Things That Only New Yorkers Know About New York City

There are lots of things to do and see in New York City. It’s the “city that never sleeps,” after all, but there are plenty of tidbits that most people outside the city do not know. Some are just how we refer to specific areas; others are the city’s origin. So, let’s talk about some … Read more

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10 Good Tips and Tricks for Traveling Cheaply

Traveling can get quite expensive, but there are always certain ways that you can save money. Some things you would never even think of yourself, and every little thing adds up so that you have more money to spend on other things. According to a popular travel forum, here are some good tips and tricks … Read more

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10 Best Ways To Get Paid To Travel Today

There is nothing quite like traveling; however, it can get expensive. Would you be excited if I told you there was a way to get paid for travel? Well, there are many ways to get paid to travel, and here are some of the best ones, according to a popular internet forum. Photography Sales Suppose … Read more

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10 Honest Reasons People Love To Travel So Much

Now that the world is opening up again, there are a lot of great places to travel to. But why do people love to travel so much? There are many reasons, and here are ten honest ones, according to an online traveling forum. To Escape Reality Let’s be honest; life is stressful. We all need … Read more

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