12 Reasons Why I left America and Relocated to Canada (No Regrets!)

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I still remember the day I said goodbye to the Stars and Stripes and welcomed the Maple Leaf into my life. The decision to leave America and relocate to Canada was not easy, but as I reflect on my journey, I can say with certainty that I have no regrets.

I found a diverse, welcoming society in Canada, a robust healthcare system, and a thriving job market – all elements that led me to pack my bags and head north. In this piece, I will share with you the 12 reasons that prompted my move and shaped the course of my life in ways I had never imagined.

Universal Healthcare

12 Reasons Why I left America and Relocated to Canada (No Regrets!)
ABEMOS via Canva.com

One of the primary reasons I relocated to Canada is its universal healthcare system. Unlike in America, where I constantly worry about insurance coverage and out-of-pocket expenses, I have access to essential medical services without financial stress in Canada.

It’s remarkable to have a system that fundamentally believes healthcare is a right, not a privilege. The peace of mind that it affords is genuinely priceless.

Quality Education

12 Reasons Why I left America and Relocated to Canada (No Regrets!)
Patpitchaya via Canva.com

One primary reason for my relocation was the allure of Canada’s high-quality education system. As an individual passionate about lifelong learning, I was drawn to Canada’s commitment to providing top-notch education for all.

The Canadian education system strongly emphasizes research and development, which resonated with my quest for knowledge. Moreover, the opportunity to interact with a diverse student body offered a global perspective that was truly enriching. It felt like I was enhancing my knowledge and skills and broadening my worldview.

Multicultural Society

12 Reasons Why I Left America and Relocated to Canada (No Regrets!)
Mireia B L via Canva.com

One of the most compelling reasons I’m glad I moved to Canada lies in its rich multicultural tapestry. Being in Canada, I am constantly immersed in diverse cultures, languages, traditions, and cuisines. It’s like traveling the world without leaving the city.

The acceptance and respect for diversity here is genuinely heartwarming. Whether it’s celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights, with my Indian neighbors or savoring poutine, a local French-Canadian dish, the multicultural society of Canada gives me the unique opportunity to learn and grow in a global context right at home.

Safety and Security

12 Reasons Why I Left America and Relocated to Canada (No Regrets!)
SvetaZi via Canva.com

Safety and security were paramount among the reasons I relocated to Canada. The low crime rate and overall sense of security were immediately noticeable upon my arrival.

Whether I was walking downtown in the middle of the night or leaving my front door unlocked when I went out, I felt a tranquility I hadn’t experienced in years. The peace of mind I enjoy living here has improved my quality of life, making my move to Canada one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Beautiful Natural Landscapes

12 Reasons Why I Left America and Relocated to Canada (No Regrets!)
Leonid_tit via Canva.com

The first thing that struck me about Canada was its vast and beautiful natural landscapes. As I took my first drive through the scenic route to my new home, I was awed by the sight of endless verdant pine forests, majestic mountains touching the skies, and resplendent blue lakes shimmering under the sunlight.

Every view seemed like a meticulously painted canvas, a testament to nature’s grandeur. The tranquility and serenity these landscapes imbued offered an escape from the relentless hustle and bustle I had been accustomed to in America. This breathtaking beauty of nature’s bounty has been a major contributing factor to my decision to settle in Canada permanently.

Work-Life Balance

12 Reasons Why I Left America and Relocated to Canada (No Regrets!)
Jirsak via Canva.com

When I think about my move to Canada, one of the most impactful changes has been the improved work-life balance. Back in the States, I often found myself tangled in the hustle, constantly engaged in a rat race that left little time for personal pursuits or relaxation. Since I’ve relocated to Canada, I’ve noticed a stark contrast.

The culture here deeply values a balanced lifestyle. Work hours are reasonable, vacation time is generous, and there’s a societal emphasis on spending quality time outside of work. This change has allowed me to breathe, enjoy life, and invest in my interests while maintaining a fulfilling professional life.

Friendly and Polite Culture

12 Reasons Why I Left America and Relocated to Canada (No Regrets!)
Mix and Match Studio via Canva.com

One of the most endearing aspects of my move to Canada was the warm welcome from the locals. Canadians are known for their friendliness and politeness, and I found this true when I set foot on Canadian soil.

It’s not just a stereotype but part of their deeply ingrained culture. Strangers smile at you on the street, people hold doors open for those behind them, and a common courtesy seems to permeate every interaction. It’s a stark contrast to what I was used to back in America, and it’s one of the many things that makes me feel at ease in my new home.

Social Welfare Programs

12 Reasons Why I Left America and Relocated to Canada (No Regrets!)
Kosziv via Canva.com

The social welfare programs in Canada were a significant attraction for me. The government provides impressive safety nets for its citizens, from health care to unemployment benefits. Universal health care, in particular, caught my attention.

Unlike my experience in the US, I no longer had to worry about exorbitant medical bills if I or a family member fell ill. It was a relief knowing that the system was designed to ensure its citizens weren’t left staggering under healthcare debt. The sense of security this afforded me was a major factor in my decision to move.

Progressive Values

12 Reasons Why I Left America and Relocated to Canada (No Regrets!)
Adrianvidal via Canva.com

One of the significant reasons that compelled my move to Canada was the nation’s progressive values. Canada’s commitment to maintaining a multicultural and inclusive society deeply resonated with me.

The country’s steadfast support for human rights, gender equality, and LGBTQ+ rights stands as a vivid example of its forward-thinking approach. This respect for diversity and individual freedoms made me feel more at home than I ever did in the States, and I appreciate living in a place that values every citizen’s dignity and rights.

Lower Cost of Living

12 Reasons Why I Left America and Relocated to Canada (No Regrets!)
Roberthyrons via Canva.com

One of the big reasons for my relocation to Canada was the lower cost of living. In contrast to the escalating living costs in major U.S. cities, the Canadian cities I considered were noticeably more affordable.

From housing to healthcare, food to taxes, I found my money stretched further north of the border. Regular expenses, like my monthly grocery bill, dropped significantly; and even the cost of entertainment, such as movie tickets or a night out, was substantially less. The financial relief was palpable and has offered me a much-appreciated breathing space in my budget.

Strong Economy

12 Reasons Why I Left America and Relocated to Canada (No Regrets!)
Shaxiaozi via Canva.com

The Canadian economy was another significant factor in my decision to move. Despite the global economic fluctuations, Canada has maintained a resilient and robust economy. I was impressed by the low unemployment rate and the high rate of job creation, especially in sectors relevant to my career.

The stability of the Canadian dollar also provided a sense of security. This economic strength has allowed me to thrive professionally and enjoy a high standard of living, adding further to my satisfaction with the decision to relocate.

Welcoming Immigration Policies

12 Reasons Why I Left America and Relocated to Canada (No Regrets!)
AlpakaVideo via Canva.com

One of the compelling reasons I relocated to Canada was its welcoming immigration policies. As an immigrant, I found the process to be far less daunting than I had anticipated. Canada’s Express Entry system, which is designed to expedite the immigration process for skilled workers, was particularly instrumental in my journey.

The Canadian government’s evident commitment to attracting talent and diversity not only made me feel desired and valued but also gave me a sense of security and belonging that I had yet to experience elsewhere.

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