Is This Lady’s Friendship Policy Justified or Plainly Judgmental? See the Reason Why She Only Takes Her ‘Sober’ Friends Home

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Is This Lady’s Friendship Policy Justified or Plainly Judgmental? See the Reason Why She Only Takes Her ‘Sober’ Friends Home
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Picture this: a 22-year-old woman working late afternoon and night shifts. Two days ago, her friends hatched a plan to party it up near her workplace and asked for a ride home once she finished her shift. Now, here’s the catch – she agreed, but under one condition: her friends had to promise not to get completely wasted during the festivities. She had a bit of a mishap during a previous New Year’s bash when one of her pals decided to leave their mark in her car with a not-so-pleasant vomit surprise.

So this time, she wanted to steer clear of any messy situations. Of course, she wasn’t about to ban them from sipping their favorite drinks altogether. Instead, she simply hoped they’d exercise moderation if they wanted a safe home ride. After all, fun can still be had without going overboard on the alcohol, right?

As the Original Poster (OP) arrived at the party’s location, she was met with an unexpected surprise—two of her friends seemed to be floating in a sea of alcohol-induced merriment. This was not what they had agreed to, and it raised concerns in her mind. Her previous experience urged caution, and she quickly concluded that transporting them in such a state was not wise.

The other two friends were still standing on solid ground, their sobriety untainted. She reaffirmed her offer to drive them home as planned, but an impasse emerged. Despite their blurry perceptions, the intoxicated ones stubbornly insisted on receiving a ride from her, citing a promise made days ago.

The stage was set for an enthralling quandary, where loyalties hung in the balance, promises teetered on the precipice, and our fearless OP had to navigate the treacherous waters of friendship and responsibility.

To guarantee their safety, the OP suggested calling an Uber for their intoxicated friends, with an offer to cover the cost. However, the drunk girls hesitated, expressing their fear of using Uber in their current state. Undeterred, the OP tried to persuade them, but they stood their ground, reminding her of her promise to give them a ride.

Standing among the sober girls, her best friend pleaded with the OP to make an exception, just this once. Yet, unwavering, the OP held her ground, resolute in her initial condition: no intoxicated girls in her car. In the end, a compromise was struck—the best friend rallied the drunk friends to summon an Uber, and they shared the costs. And so, with the weight of responsibility, the OP guided the remaining sober friend safely home.

After intense discussion, the sober friend finally grasped the OP’s concerns, yet couldn’t shake the feeling that there could have been a smoother resolution. However, tensions still lingered, and to exacerbate matters, the OP’s best friend voiced discontentment over her refusal to honor the initial commitment.

The OP was under fire from her best friend after the incident. Criticism was thrown her way for not keeping her promise, which she felt was unjust. But she stands by her decision, driven by a genuine concern for safety and the desire to avoid repeating past mistakes. Despite understanding her best friend’s point of view and wishing she had handled things differently, she firmly believes that prioritizing boundaries is crucial for the well-being of all involved.

The situation has ignited a storm of questions about personal boundaries, promises, and the paramount importance of prioritizing safety above all else. While the OP may have made choices that disappointed her best friend, she acted with utmost caution and responsibility. Ultimately, the verdict of whether she was in the wrong or not resides in the eyes of the beholder. Let the spirited debate begin!

Redditors Weigh In

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Redditors shared their responses to the matter. This is what they had to say:

“Look, you stayed with them and split the costs for the Uber, making sure your “sober” friend would see them safely home. The most important thing was you didn’t abandon them. They knew you didn’t want them vomit drunk. You told them this before. They made their bed, now they can lie in it.”

“And they put themselves in these dangerous situations in the first place. Complaining about an Uber not being safe, yeah well don’t drink excessively? They already had a designated driver, they just didn’t have to drink too much. Honestly, the “friends” sound like children.”

“I’m not even that drunk, but also if you leave me alone I will 100% get kidnapped due to how drunk I am” 😂

“I cannot believe the audacity of her best friend arguing OP’s boundaries when one of them HAD ALREADY PUKED. What the f**** is wrong with these people? Stop drinking long enough to get yourself home in a safe car with easy rules.”

“They knew the terms and conditions. And moreover, as adults, they are responsible for their own transportation. You went above and beyond splitting the Uber fare.”

Source: Reddit. 

Is This Lady’s Friendship Policy Justified or Plainly Judgmental? See the Reason Why She Only Takes Her ‘Sober’ Friends Home



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