15 Most Intelligent Animals in the World

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Are you curious about which animals have the highest intelligence? Look no further! These 15 creatures excel in problem-solving, memory, and social skills.


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Photo: © wrangel via canva.com

A study published in the Cambridge Journal of Experimental Biology revealed that octopuses can navigate mazes, unscrew jars to get a tasty treat, and even recognize individuals. 

Furthermore, their ability to change color and texture for camouflage speaks volumes about their adaptability. Moreover, each of their eight arms contains a mini-brain, increasing their processing power!


12 Animal Facts That Sound Fake, But Are 100% Legit
Photo: © stefbennett via canva.com

Cows have excellent spatial memory and can remember locations for several years. Furthermore, cows form complex social hierarchies and form strong bonds with their herd members.

In fact, a study from the University of Cambridge found that cows have “eureka” moments. Their heart rate increased when they figured out how to open a door to get to their food, suggesting excitement.


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IgOrZh via Canva.com

Dolphins have the second-largest brain-to-body size ratio of all mammal species, exceeded only by humans! Moreover, they’ve been observed using tools, recognizing themselves in mirrors, and communicating with each other using a complex language of clicks and whistles.

Dolphins are also known for their extraordinary problem-solving skills.


12 Animal Facts That Sound Fake, But Are 100% Legit
Photo: © Kiko Janneman via canva.com

With a brain that weighs 5kg, the heaviest of any land animal, it’s no surprise they are brilliant. These lovable pachyderms have been known to use tools, display self-awareness, and maintain strong, lifelong social bonds.

Fascinatingly, elephants can also remember and recognize other individuals even after many years apart, showcasing their exceptional memory.


Photo: © marcophotos via canva.com

Studies have shown that raccoons can remember tasks for up to three years. They possess dexterous paws that they use to explore their environment, manipulate objects, and even unlock doors.

Their notable problem-solving skills have been likened to those of primates.


Photo: © undefined undefined via canva.com

These orange-furred beauties have been observed using advanced problem-solving skills to find food and build shelters. Recent studies show that they can even learn and mimic human actions. How cool is that?


Photo: © Katie Singh via canva.com

These black-feathered fliers not only have razor-sharp memory, but they can also engage in problem-solving that rivals the abilities of some primates.

Did you know that a raven’s brain-to-body size ratio is almost the same as a chimpanzee’s? They can make complex decisions and even mimic human speech.


Photo: © DogitalContentCreation via canva.com

The Bombus terrestris exhibits a remarkable level of intelligence when it comes to finding food. These creatures can remember the patterns, colors, and scents of flowers, allowing them to zero in on the most nectar-rich sources.

To top it all off, they communicate with each other through a series of intricate ‘waggle dances,’ giving them a social structure that’s complex and downright fascinating!


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Photo: © boatguy from Pixabay via canva.com

Pigs can recognize themselves in the mirror, showcasing their awareness, and they can remember objects, solve mazes, and understand simple symbolic language.

Studies show that pigs have an excellent long-term memory and can comprehend simple symbolic language — pretty impressive, right? They can even play video games with joysticks!


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Canva by DieterMeyrl

These little fellas have impressive cognitive abilities. They can recall navigational routes, recognize patterns, and even show a capacity for empathy – a characteristic once thought to be uniquely human.

Studies have found that rats will actually work to free a fellow rat from a trap, indicating a level of social awareness.


Photo: © frank600 via canva.com

They thrive in colonies, exhibiting complex social behavior, division of labor, and an ability to solve intricate problems, which is quite a feat considering their brain size!

Research shows ants communicate and cooperate effectively, using pheromones to leave trails for other ants, signaling food sources or danger. It’s like they have their own tiny, chemical-based GPS system.


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Orbon Alija via Canva.com

Who’s a good boy? You guessed it—Dogs! They fall under the Canidae family, just like foxes and wolves. Studies show that dogs understand up to 250 words and gestures, perform simple mathematical calculations, and can count up to five.

They can also understand human emotions—happy or sad, they’re always there to comfort you.


Squirrels Everywhere
Jarrycz via canva.com

Studies have shown that squirrels have impressive memory skills – they not only remember where they’ve hidden their food but can also recall the locations of other squirrel’s stashes.

Furthermore, squirrels demonstrate strategic behavior, even going so far as to fake burying their food if they feel they’re being watched to throw off potential thieves.

African Grey Parrot

Photo: © Denja1 via canva.com

These feathered Einsteins have a brain capacity similar to that of a five-year-old human child!

Astoundingly, they can learn and understand up to 1,000 words, and they don’t just parrot back language – they use it with intent. African Greys are known to ask questions, identify objects and colors, and express emotions.


The Longest Recorded Flight of a Chicken Is 13 Seconds
Coyot from Pixabay via canva.com

Researchers have discovered that these feathery friends can demonstrate self-control, solve complex problems, and anticipate future events.

In a study by the University of Bristol, chickens showed mathematical reasoning and could keep track of numbers up to five. They can also recognize more than 100 faces, both of their species and humans.

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