10 of the Kindest Things Pets Have Ever Done for Their Humans

Amaka Chukwuma
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Can we all agree that we do not deserve pets? They communicate a universal language of kindness less common in the human world. To prove this, an online community started a discussion of moments when their pets showed them kindness. Here are the instances.

A Canine Alarm Clock

Dog with alarm clock
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What’s better than a canine alarm clock? Someone recounts her devastation after losing her twins in the second trimester. Getting up in the morning was difficult until her brother suggested getting a dog. She visited a local shelter, and a sickly bag of bones chose her. Every morning, she’d shake the mattress using her tail to signal it was time to go outside. This woke her up with laughter, and her mornings were less agonizing.

Dogs Make Your Wheelchair Disappear

service dog
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What do you see when you come across a person using a wheelchair? One individual explains how getting a dog changed her from a disabled person using a wheelchair to someone with a dog.

Other than changing how people saw her, her dog, Taska, allowed her to do things again. For example, she did not need to ask for help to get items from lower shelves, as Taska had handled it. Taska thinks it’s a game, and she loves to play. When people ask if she needs help, she often replies, “We can do it myself.”

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A Guardian Angel

Guard dog
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Does your guard dog take their duties seriously? A man narrates how their dog, Archie, would guard the family when he left for Iraq under the Department of Justice. Every night, his wife would check if all the doors and windows were secure. Archie would wait till his wife got to bed, then plop at their bedroom doorway. When he came back after one year, Archie stopped guarding. He figured out daddy was home.

Emotional Support Shadow

Sassy cat
Provided by Frenz

Cats get a lot of bad rap due to their sassiness. I’ll not be surprised if they take over the world one day, as they’re always scheming something. However, a responder attests that cats can be sweet.

They got their cat, Abel, when they were in a toxic and confusing relationship. One time, they were having a panic attack and curled up on the couch, unable to move. They lay there for hours, and Abel sat on their upper bed the entire time. Since that day, Abel has been their mini-shadow and follows them everywhere.

Cats That Feed You

Cats feed rat
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Does your cat spare some mice for you? Somebody states that when she had anorexia, her cat tried to feed her. Whenever she missed a meal, and their cat noticed, her cat would bring some food for her. Her delicacies included small animals like frogs and small birds or a squirrel on a good day. The size of the animal depended on how many meals she missed. So she decided to get help to save the local wildlife from her cat.

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A Family Doctor

family doctor pet
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A woman says her dog, Amber, is why they’re no longer in pain. An accident that injured their lower back and neck left her in a lot of pain, which made sleeping impossible. Amber climbed on their bed and started sniffing her on one sleepless night.

She started on her head and worked her way down. After making a diagnosis, she laid her back against her, using her husband as leverage. She pushed from the neck to the spine, relieving the pain considerably. Amber did this every night for a few months till she healed completely. Now she treats other friends and family who are in pain.

The Best Company

woman pets stray dogs
Provided by Frenz

Have you ever felt the genuine excitement pets have when you come back home? One person explains her friendship with a group of five stray dogs who live in her neighborhood. She tries to feed them regularly, and they always greet her when they see her.

On one occasion, she locked her keys inside the house, and the roommate coming back earliest was ninety minutes away. The dogs sat with her outside as she waited, even though she had nothing to feed them. They did random things like roll on the ground but did not leave her.

A Matchmaker

young couple and their cat
Provided by Frenz

Pets gravitate toward kind and friendly people. A person used this thinking to screen her dates. She’d introduce her dates to her cat, Troi, and if she bit them, chances of their relationship working out were slim. Troi picked her husband when she crawled up on him after introducing them. She started dating him, and now they’re married.

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The Hound of the Baskervilles

Provided by Frenz

We’ve all encountered those dogs that look scary from the outside, but all they want is endless pets from strangers. Dobermans often fit this description, and the only protection they offer is their reputation as ferocious beasts. However, a woman had a different experience. One Saturday morning, her husband had gone fishing in the mountains west of Denver. 

Their dog kept her company and lay on the floor beside her bed. Then, after some time, they heard the key turn, and a man walked through the house. He passed the bedroom’s open doorway but did not look like her husband, thanks to the layers of winter clothing he’d won.

Their dog did not recognize him and was ready to attack. She transformed into the dog Sir Conan Doyle describes in his novel, The Hound of the Baskervilles. That moment proved she was ready to lay down her life to protect her, and she got extra treats for her bravery.

Rats that Share Their Pellets

Pet rat
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Finally, a user remembers how her pet rats showed her kindness when she was sick and in too much pain to get off the couch. Most times, she’d fall asleep there. Her two pet rats, who lived in an unlocked cage, would bring a generous pile of rat pellets next to her face. It was their way of saying, “Eat, Mom! You have to eat!” 

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