8 Best Tires for Travel trailer of 2024– we picked the best for you!

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What are the Best Tires for Travel Trailer?

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When towing a trailer with your truck or SUV, you’ll need specialized tires that provide excellent traction and strength in almost every condition.

However, there’s no doubting that finding such outstanding tires from the ground up might be difficult and expensive.

So, you’ve just purchased a new camper and want to know what 9 of the best tires are for it? You’re in luck.

In this post, we will go over 9 of the top-rated tires that will work well with your travel trailer.

We have researched extensively and come up with some best trailer tires that offer great performance when used on trailers, while also providing excellent value for money.

So let’s get right into our top picks!

What is the difference between regular and trailer tires?

I’m going to talk a little about the difference between regular and trailer tires.

You might be asking yourself, “what’s so different about them?” Well, let me tell you that there are some major differences between the two types of tires.

Choosing the right tire for your vehicle is essential to maintaining a safe and smooth ride. Here’s what we concluded!

Regular tires are typically used on cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs.

They have a higher load capacity than trailer tires, but they also have a lower speed rating.

Trailer tires are designed to be mounted at the back of vehicles that tow heavy loads behind them for long distances.

They offer a high load capacity and a very low-speed rating because their main function is to carry weight rather than travel quickly.

Trailer tires are designed with two main functions in mind.

One is to provide traction on various surfaces, including snow, mud, rocks, sand, etc.

The other thing is to carry the maximum weight reasonable load that the tire can handle.

Both these requirements mean that the best trailer tires will have tread patterns that provide better grip than what you would find on conventional all-season tires.

Similarly, best travel trailer tires will be stiffer than standard car or truck tires which means they carry more weight but may not ride as smoothly as regular car or truck tires.

Best trailer tires- The Top picks!

1. Carlisle Radial Trail HD

Carlisle Radial Trail HD_frenzhub.com

This is one of the best radial tires for your travel trailer.

It offers several benefits over other trailer tires without really cutting the performance in any way.

The Carlisle Radial Trailer Tire is an off-road tire with a tread design that provides excellent traction in all types of terrain.


  • These radial trailer tires feature an aggressive tread pattern and deep grooves that help evacuate water, mud, and other debris while providing excellent traction on wet surfaces.
  • These tires also have a high load capacity which means they can handle heavy loads without deforming or wearing down quickly.
  • The Carlisle Radial Trail HD features a unique tread design that provides superior traction on wet surfaces while also providing increased stability when cornering at high speeds.
  • With their durable construction and long-lasting tread life, these tires will keep you moving forward no matter what kind of terrain or weather conditions you encounter along the way.
  • These tires were built to last, making them perfect for anyone who wants their vehicle to stay in top shape over time.


The downside is that this RV tire is highly expensive.


With high built-in aesthetics and premium quality to provide campers or boat trailers luxurious tires, this exclusive tire costs $8,099.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a durable tire with great traction and stability, check out the Radial Tire trailer tire HD!

2. Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire_frenzhub.com

When you are looking for light truck tires, the people at STC Tires will not disappoint.

The experts here have spent years perfecting light truck tires specifically to cater to the light truck industry.

They know light trucks, and they understand how much these vehicles take a beating on the road.

Take your trailer to the next level with Trailer King ST tires.

These light truck tires are built against all weather conditions and offer high-rolling resistance.


  • The light truck tires made by STC Tires are designed to handle the heavy loads that light trucks tend to carry.
  • Its wide footprint makes it very capable of handling vehicles with larger payloads. The light truck tires also strongly resist punctures thanks to their unique tread design and high-quality carcass.
  • Additionally, light truck tires made by STC Tires can handle light truck loads because of their great flexibility.
  • This light truck tire is completely flexible across the entire contact patch, providing better traction and more grip on the road. As a result, it’ll be easier to drive even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire has many innovative designs that provide maximum safety while keeping light trucks light.

Cons of Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

  • One of the light truck tire’s main downside is that it isn’t suited for light trucks.

The Bottom line

You’ll love how these light truck tires feel after you install them into your light vehicle!

3. Maxxis Radial Trailer Tire

Maxxis Radial Trailer Tire_frenzhub.com

This is one of the best RV tires offered by the world’s largest original equipment manufacturer of trailer tires, Continental, for use on commercial trailers.

It features a radial construction that utilizes three steel belts to maximize tread life and greater rigidity and stability. Let’s take a detailed look!


  • The casing is reinforced with two plies of polyester cord carcass material designed to displace asphalt efficiently without compromising durability or wet traction performance.
  • Incorporates three steel belts for better rigidity and stability while maximizing tread life.
  • Utilizes a tri-ply design for greater strength and durability.
  • Each ply is constructed from a different rubber compound, working in unison to provide a smooth ride yet still offering excellent handling even on rugged terrain.
  • This tire comes standard with a black sidewall and an E load rating.


This tire is available in a variety of different sizes and loads ratings to suit your individual needs.

Available across the nation at leading automotive distributors, this tire comes to you at an affordable price, making it a wise investment for any trailer owner.

The Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer  Tire has an approximate price range of $121 – $162


The tread wears out quicker than other tires due to the soft rubber compound used in its construction.

The Bottom Line

Aren’t you excited to get this radial trail HD trailer? This trail hd trailer tire comes with durable built-in quality and reliability.

4. GOODYEAR Endurance Radial Tire

GOODYEAR Endurance Radial Tire

GOODYEAR Tires is an excellent tire company that has made good tires for people who drive.

The endurance all-season radial tire is one of their cheaper, but still very good tires. In addition, they are long-lasting and won’t cause any problems on the road.


  • The Goodyear Endurance All-Season radial tire is designed to give drivers of vehicles better wet-weather traction, reduced noise levels, and a more comfortable ride.
  • With the addition of silica, the rubber compound stays flexible in cold temperatures.
  • The radial tire allows for better grip on icy roads and the prevention of hydroplaning during heavy rain or after car accidents where water can build up atop a solid surface.
  • This tire’s “all-season” aspect indicates that it was designed with both winter and summer driving performance in mind.
  • The tread pattern was created with both mild winters and snowy conditions in mind, allowing for both optimal grips on dry surfaces as well as traction.


It isn’t much durable


The Goodyear Endurance All-Season Radial Tire is the perfect tire for anyone who wants to get the most out of their car.

It only costs $142.99. Plus they come with our 30-day buy & try guarantee so there’s nothing holding you back from trying them out today!

The Bottom Line

The Goodyear Endurance All-Season Radial Tire is the perfect tire for anyone who wants to get the most out of their car.

5. The Nanco S622 Bias Trailer Tire

The Nanco S622 Bias Trailer Tire

The Nanco S622 Bias St Trailer Tire is the perfect choice to replace your old worn-out tires.

It’s made with high-quality materials and has been tested for durability and safety.

This tire will make sure that you get where you need to go without any problems along the way.

You can trust this product because it’s built by one of the most trusted brands in America, so it won’t let you down!


  • Bias Ply tire design for improved stability and handling on your trailer or hauler. Greatly improved tread compound that is softer with better traction, handle, and stability.
  • Also features Nutube® technology that allows the operator to see if their tires are low on pressure without ever leaving their recliner chair.
  • Nutube® is a revolutionary tube technology that uses an infused glass microtube inside the tube to provide superior puncture resistance and longer life of the tube.
  • Designed for extended wear with 3% more mileage compared to previous models.
  • It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions with a 30% improvement in rolling resistance. Nanco S622 Bias St Trailer Tire is also manufactured with a 50% reduction in ozone-depleting substances.


  • It’s not much budget-friendly


The Nanco S622 Bias St Trailer Tire is the perfect tire for your trailer.

It’s made with a special rubber compound that makes it more durable and longer-lasting than other tires on the market. It costs $69.90

The Bottom Line

These are high-quality tires with rolling resistance features, and they come at an affordable price too! What more could anyone ask for?

6. FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tire 


These premium FREE COUNTRY trailer tires are the perfect choice for your next road trip.

They’re durable, long-lasting, and they provide superior traction in all weather conditions.

Plus, these RV trailer tires have an excellent tread life so you can drive them year after year without having to replace them!


  • Excellent traction to carry heavy loads
  • Increased braking and handling ability (when properly inflated) for greater control over your trailer.
  • The tread compound remains flexible in both hot and cold temperatures, helping it resist cracking due to the effects of sun exposure.
  • Has proprietary rubber compound reduces heat buildup for a cooler running tire.
  • the tread design offers good traction and handling on both asphalt and concrete.
  • Deep sipes provide extra biting edges for added traction in loose dirt or mud.


The motorhome tires lack adequate sturdiness.


You won’t find another set of trailer tires that offer this level of quality at such an affordable price anywhere else on the market today. It will cost users $289.87.

The Bottom Line

If so, you know how important it is to have the right tires on your trailer. That’s why we recommend these tires for your trailer.

7. New Highway Boat Motorcycle Trailer Tire

New Highway Boat Motorcycle Trailer Tire

Are you looking for camper tires with enhanced load range?

Then, we’ve got the perfect solution! The New Highway Boat Motorcycle Trailer Tires are designed to provide a smooth, comfortable ride and keep you safe on the road.


  • They feature an advanced tread design that provides superior traction in wet conditions and is resistant to wear and tear.
  • Plus, they have a long life span so you won’t have to replace them anytime soon.
  • You can count on these tires for years of reliable performance because they were built with high-quality materials like steel belts and polyester cords that resist punctures, tears, cracks, heat buildup, and other damage.
  • They have been designed for all types of weather conditions, and they can handle any terrain that comes their way.
  • These tires come in a variety of sizes and styles so there is something for everyone.


It doesn’t offer a reliable load rating.


Whether you need a tire for your boat or motorcycle, we have what you need right here at an affordable price point. It will cost $79.11.

Bottom Line

It’s time to upgrade to our new line of 2 New Highway Boat Motorcycle Trailer Tires.

These are the best tires on the market today and they will provide you with a smooth ride every day.

8. Transeagle ST Radial II Trailer Tire

Transeagle ST Radial II Trailer Tire

The Transeagle ST Radial II Trailer Tire is the best option on the market.

It’s made with an advanced tread compound that provides excellent traction and wear resistance, so it can handle tough conditions like mud, sand, or gravel.


  • This tire features a special bead design that makes installation easier than ever before.
  • With its superior performance in all types of weather conditions, this tire will give you peace of mind knowing your trailer is safe to drive no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.
  • It’s designed to help reduce road noise and provide better handling, so you can enjoy a smooth ride every time.
  • With this tire, you’ll get excellent performance on wet roads and in light snow conditions.
  • Plus, it has an advanced tread compound that reduces heat buildup during high-speed driving


These light truck radial tires aren’t very durable.


You don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a flat or having to pull over because of poor traction anymore!

However, it will cost you $86.93.

The Bottom Line

The Transeagle ST Radial II Trailer Tire is the best tire on the market today.

It’s packed with features that make everyday life easier, more entertaining, and more productive.

The Transporter ST Radial is an all-season, highway and touring radial tire.

You can rest easy knowing this tire will keep you safe when the weather turns bad or when you’re driving at high speeds down the highway, thanks to its dependable performance in both wet conditions and dry ones too!

How to choose the best tires for a travel trailer?

Have you planned a vacation using a travel trailer, but do not know how to choose the best tires for a travel trailer?

Is the problem that you are not sure where to buy good, safe tires?

If this is your issue, then do not worry because after reading this article you will be able to choose the best tires for travel trailers without feeling confused or stressed.


There was no other manufacturer who managed to gain the wide recognition of Michelin.

This is due to their leading role in developing new inventions and implementing innovative technologies for all types of vehicles.

According to most reviews, you certainly can’t go wrong with these tires, at least for a good number of miles.


Size is crucial, but there are several sizes of truck trailer tires on the market. It is determined by the vehicle since some tires are more essential than others when you need a heavy load. Before purchasing a trailer tire, double-check the manufacturer’s instruction booklet.

If you have a big travel trailer, make sure to get large tires with heavy-duty suspension systems that can handle significant weights.

However, if you have a small travel trailer, you may use smaller wheels and suspension systems for lighter loads.

Easy to mount

The tires should be easy to install. Avoid any tire that is difficult to enter the wheel and does not slide in easily. Such tires need special tools or may even harm your equipment if you don’t know how to handle them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is D or R better for trailer tires?

Yes, D is better for trailer tires.

A D tire has deeper treads, so it’s better suited to have the weight of a vehicle pulling on it while you’re driving – this means that your trailer will stay on the road when you’re backing up or turning corners.

On the other hand, an R tire is more suited to being pushed without a car behind it.

Its purpose is to roll more easily over surfaces like sand and mud where clearance can be an issue; if your trailer gets stuck in mud or sand.

Do trailer tires need to be balanced?

Most people will tell you that trailer tires do not and in fact, never should be balanced and that is true.

Only passenger cars and light truck tires require balancing to get the optimum life out of them without having to have new ones put on prematurely.

Only passenger car and light truck tires require balancing, which is necessary after the tire has been mounted on a rim and before its use.

Trailer tires are not mounted on rims until they are used under load (weight).

Final Thoughts

Do you have a travel trailer? If so, then it is important to make sure that the tires are in good condition.

It’s time to enjoy a more comfortable camping trip with better tires and have a relaxing drive. No matter where you want to travel to, our top recommendations provide improved durability and performance.


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