Is She Pushing the Boundaries? Lady Sparks Dinner Table Drama by Calling Boyfriend’s Mom Fat

Ephraim Obare
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Is She Pushing the Boundaries? Lady Sparks Dinner Table Drama by Calling Boyfriend’s Mom Fat
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In the tangled web of love, a 22-year-old lady ponders her relationship with her boyfriend, whom she encountered approximately two years ago. Alas, a dark cloud hangs over their sunny prospects – the boyfriend’s mother, cryptically referred to as Mary. Time for a dash of melodrama! 😜

After nearly a year together, the Original Poster (OP) eagerly awaited the grand unveiling of her boyfriend’s parental unit. Alas, he kept postponing the encounter, perhaps hoping she’d mistakenly believe they were mythical creatures.

But fear not! The day arrived, a meal was arranged, and the boyfriend’s father extended a warm welcome. Mary, the boyfriend’s mother, seemed to have a different script in mind. Oh, the trials and tribulations of love!

Mary’s behavior did a 180° as she spent more time with them. She started serving up offensive comments about the OP’s eating habits, essentially saying she needs to be Victoria’s Secret runway ready.

These remarks ranged from asking if she’d eat the whole kitchen to hinting her son prefers slim partners. Instead of nipping this in the bud, her boyfriend and his dad played mute. And voilà, the frustration levels skyrocketed. 🔥

The situation hit its peak during an eventful dinner. Mary resumed her usual offensive remarks, but one particular comment pushed the OP beyond her limits. Mary casually mentioned that she hadn’t cooked much, subtly indicating that the OP should control herself, and even added a snide remark about “her kind.”

These words not only belittled her but also sparked a fiery response. In a fit of rage, she dramatically slammed her fork down, rose to her feet, and retorted fiercely, calling out Mary for her excessive indulgence. This unexpected outburst left both Mary and her boyfriend’s father dumbfounded, leaving Mary in tears.

As the weight of her words sank in, guilt consumed the OP. Swiftly, her boyfriend grasped her hand, guiding them away from the table, and they vanished into the night. The journey remained shrouded in silence.

However, before bidding each other goodnight, the OP ventured to broach the subject. Alas, her boyfriend postponed the discourse until the morrow, retiring to rest instead. Ah, the perplexing ways of love and bedtime!

Contemplating her emotional outburst, the OP wrestles with guilt and uncertainty, pondering if her reaction to Mary’s cutting remarks was really worth it. Looking to Reddit for collective wisdom on the matter, she wonders if calling her boyfriend’s mother “fat” during dinner might’ve been too spicy. 🌶️

In this intricate tale of familial dynamics and emotional rollercoaster, the woman’s actions underscore the tangled web of strained relationships. Brace yourself as family nudges its way into the wild journey of her connection with her boyfriend.

Redditors Weigh In

Marrio31 via

“Yep, the “your kind” comment confirms it. The boyfriend knew, hence why he didn’t want to make the introductions. None of us can help where/whom we come from, but the fact that the boyfriend didn’t address and denounce the disgusting “your kind” comment there and then to his mother’s face tells you exactly who he is as well.”

“I think OP did the right thing. The people who think in stereotypes shouldn’t be the ones people care about appeasing. I personally never would have let my mom say those things about someone I cared about, though.”

“Her boyfriend was apparently ok with it!”

“If it were my mom harassing someone like this, I wouldn’t feel bad for her when she gets told off. Granted, I’d probably try and stop my mom, which is why I’m no fan of the BF or BF’s dad here.”

“Well, sometimes standing up for yourself means giving it back and having to be harsh. Not everyone, when angry or upset, is a doormat or speaks nicely; that’s why it’s called an argument, and if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.”

Source: Reddit.


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