States in the US With The Most Spoiled Dogs in 2024

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Do you have a spoiled dog? If so, you’re not alone! According to a recent study by Forbes Advisor, the state with the most pampered dogs is New York, followed by California and Washington. If you want to know where your state ranks, keep reading. We’ll also provide tips on spoiling your pooch even more!

New York is the top state for spoiled dogs. According to the study, New York had the highest rate of owners buying luxury items like designer dog beds and chew toys for their furry friends. So it’s not surprising considering how much time New Yorkers spend with their pets: an average of five hours a day!

The West coast is just a little behind. California and Washington both have high levels of pampered dogs. The study showed that pet parents in California are big fans of treating their dogs to special restaurant orders, such as a Starbucks Puppuccino. At the same time, more than half of the Washington respondents don’t like leaving their four-legged friends behind when they go on a trip. 52% said they’ve brought their dog on vacation.

The remaining states in the top five are Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Pet owners in these states are known for buying their pets grooming supplies, health and wellness pet products, and even doggy birthday cakes!

New York (44.5/100)

  • A shocking 40% of New Yorkers admitted to spending more money on pampering their dogs than they do on pampering their romantic partner. Furthermore, an alarming 55% said they spend more money on maintaining their dog’s health and appearance than on themselves.
  • A quarter of New Yorkers have admitted to pushing their dogs in a stroller, and 42% said they regularly throw birthday parties for their dogs.
  • New Yorkers take their own fashion seriously and their dog’s wardrobes as well: 59% have bought their dog’s outfits and accessories. In fact, they rank second in the nation for this metric.
  • New Yorkers were second on our list for preparing homemade dog food regularly (38%), and 51% of New Yorkers have even ordered a special treat for their furry friend at a restaurant.

California (41.25/100)

  • California takes second place on the list of states with the most spoiled dogs.
  • Californians love their dogs so much that they are willing to spend more money on their dog’s health and grooming than on their own (53%), and 51% of them even carry their pet when the pooch doesn’t want to walk.
  • A whopping 19% of Californians have pushed their dogs in strollers, and 38% regularly throw birthday parties for them.

Washington (40.05/100)

  • We found that Washingtonians are reluctant to leave their dogs behind when they travel. More than half (52%) said they’ve brought their dog on vacation with them before.
  • While not as frequently as Californians, 54% of Washingtonians have ordered a special dish for their dog at a restaurant.
  • Washington and New York residents tied for second place in the nation for regularly preparing homemade food for their pets (38%).

Pennsylvania (39.4/100)

  • Pennsylvania was ranked 4th for having the most spoiled dogs. A shocking 64% of dog owners in PA have admitted to buying their furry friends outfits and accessories.
  • Pennsylvania residents are just as likely as those in Virginia and Georgia (35%)to spend more money on their dogs than on their significant other.

New Jersey (39.2/100)

  • New Jersey residents are some of the most likely to push their dogs in strollers (22%) and regularly throw doggie birthday parties (40%).

Bottom 3 States Where People Spoil Their Dogs the Least

  • Wyoming (26.05/100)
  • Arkansas (24.95/100)
  • South Dakota (24.75/100)

For more information, you can read the full report here.

It’s clear that dog owners love to spoil their pups across the US. Here are some tips if you want to join in on the fun and make your pup feel extra special.

Set up a Cozy Nook in Your Home Where Your Pup Can Relax and Feel Safe

An at-home nook for your pup isn’t if it’s not cozy! Give space for them to call their own – set it up with a bed, coverings, and plenty of toys to help keep your pup occupied. Consider the type of pup you have, as some may prefer a private area versus being in the thick of things. If your fur baby likes to be out and about, ensure they have a ‘safe place’ they can escape to throughout the day. 

Creating an atmosphere with soft lighting, cozy pillows, and relaxing music will help create a safe and comfortable space for your furry companion. That way, when Fido plops down for a peaceful nap, they know this spot is especially for them.

Take Them Out on Fun Adventures Like Hikes or Dog Parks

Taking your furry friends outside for some adventures is a great way to give them the exercise and socialization they need. Go for hikes in the woods or take them to the dog park for a change of scenery. 

Not only will they get to explore new sights, smells, and sounds, but they can also meet other canine pals! Plus, it’s an excellent chance to stay physically active and get some fresh air. So it’s a win-win situation for both of you!

Personalized Pet Essentials & Accessories

Spoiling your pup has never been easier! But you can make your furry friend feel extra special with personalized items such as custom name tags and monogrammed pet beds. Imagine Fido having the fanciest name tag on this side of town. 

Nothing expresses how much you care, like something emblazoned with their name and yours. And don’t forget the pet bed – not only will it show off their personality, but they’ll also be comfy while resting in style. So why not go the extra mile and make your dog’s day? Pick up a personalized item today!

Other ways to spoil your dog include:

  • Buy treats that are healthy, natural, and full of flavor.
  • Plan a special spa day for your pup and treat them to a relaxing grooming session.
  • Doggie social media
  • Take your dog on Vacation


No matter where you live, giving your pup the love and attention they deserve is always possible. So why not start spoiling them today? We’re sure they’ll thank you in their own doggy way. Happy spoiling!


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