15 Clever Ways To Engage With People, Even if You Have Different Opinions

Ephraim Obare
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In the grand tapestry of human relationships, agreeing to disagree is an art as old as, well, disagreements themselves. So, how does one navigate this sea of difference without sinking the ship? How do you enjoy a hearty debate without causing a scene, or better yet, create a conversation so engaging it leaves both parties richer?

Welcome to our guide on ’15 Clever Ways to Engage with People, Even if You Have Different Opinions’. Strap in, dear reader, for a journey of wit, wisdom, and a touch of humor as we explore the conversational no-man’s land, where difference of opinion is tolerated and celebrated!

Embrace Differences

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Appreciate the fact that everyone’s opinion is shaped by different experiences. This understanding allows us to engage in fruitful conversations without being judgmental.

Common Ground Approach

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Always look for common interests or ideas that can serve as a starting point for your conversation.

Active Listening

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This entails giving undivided attention to the speaker, providing thoughtful responses, and asking follow-up questions.

Respectful Disagreement

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You can respectfully convey differing opinions, focusing on the issues and not the person.


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Show understanding and share the feelings of others. This creates a sense of unity and openness.

Open-Ended Questions

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These can stimulate conversation, as they require more than just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response.

Avoid Defensive Attitude

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Try to maintain a calm demeanor even when the discussion is heated.

Body Language Awareness

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Use positive body language to convey openness and interest in the conversation.

Pause Before Responding

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This indicates that you have listened to and considered the other person’s viewpoint.

Share Personal Stories

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Stories are relatable and can help to create a connection.

Be Curious

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Show genuine interest in understanding the other person’s perspective.

Stay Humble

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Acknowledge that you don’t know everything and may learn something from the interaction.

Refrain from Personal Attacks

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Stick to the topic at hand and avoid going personal.

Be Patient

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Allow the other person the time to express their thoughts fully.

Practice Gratitude

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Thank the other person for sharing their perspective and acknowledging the value of diverse viewpoints.

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