20 Reasons Baby Boomers Should Shut the Hell Up About Millennials

Ephraim Obare
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We’re about to embark on a joyride through the generational divide, where we’ll debunk the countless myths that baby boomers love to spread about millennials. You’ve heard them all: “Millennials are lazy,” “they’re entitled,” and “they can’t live without their phones.” Well, it’s about time someone yelled, “Stop the car!” to these stereotypes.

Here are the 20 reasons baby boomers should finally zip it when talking about millennials. You might want to grab a coffee (locally sourced and ethically produced) for this one.

Adapting to Technology

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Photo: © RgStudio via canva.com

Millennials, unlike Baby Boomers, grew up with smartphones in their hands. They’ve mastered navigating new technologies faster than you can say ‘floppy disk.’

Economic Struggles

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Doucefleur’s Images via canva.com

Millennials were launched into the world with an economy on the fritz. But they are still finding ways to survive and thrive.

Green Living

Wavebreaknedia via Canva.com

Millennials are more likely to carpool, compost, or reduce energy consumption than their elder counterparts.


Wavebreakmedia via canva.com

Millennials are known for their inclusivity and acceptance of diversity, breaking barriers in place for generations.

Work Ethic

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kate_sept2004 via Canva.com

Who says Millennials don’t have a strong work ethic? Balancing multiple gigs and side hustles is not for the faint-hearted.

Student Loans

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DNY59 via canva.com

Still paying off their student loans, Millennials didn’t get the luxury of affordable education.


13 "Annoying" Things Millennials Do That Are Actually Not That Bad
Photo: © Peshkova via Canva.com

From Facebook to Instagram, the world-changing platforms created by Millennials speak volumes.

Health Consciousness

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SDIproductions via canva.com

Unlike Baby Boomers, millennials are more health-conscious, opting for gym memberships and organic markets.


15 Crazy Reasons Why Gen Zs Think They're Superior to Millennials
Vientocuatrostock via canva.com

Most millennials are open to switching careers and locations, making the best of opportunities.


The Boomer Perspective: 12 Areas Where They Outshine Younger Generations
PhotoSchmidt via canva.com

Despite being called ‘fragile,’ Millennials demonstrate resilience in adversity.

Political Engagement

15 Crazy Reasons Why Gen Zs Think They're Superior to Millennials
Cecilie_Arcurs via canva.com

Millennials are more politically active and aware, leading movements for change globally.

Social Awareness

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Srdjan Pav via Canva.com

Millennials are knowledgeable about social issues and strive to make a difference.

Tech Literacy

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provided people images via canva.com

From setting up a Wi-Fi router to troubleshooting a software issue, you likely need a Millennial’s help.

Remote Work

Remote Work
ChabyBucko via canva.com

Millennials have embraced and excelled in the remote work lifestyle, a concept foreign to many Baby Boomers.

Appreciation of Experiences

12 Reasons Younger Men Are Attracted To Older Women
kali9 via Canva.com

Millennials prefer experiences over material possessions, valuing travel, concerts, and gourmet dining.

Digital Communication

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image credit: fgnopporn via Canva.com

Millennials have the uncanny ability to juggle multiple communication channels simultaneously.

Advocacy for Mental Health

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SDI Productions via Canva

Millennials openly discuss mental health issues, breaking the stigma, unlike Baby Boomers.

Delayed Gratification

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PeopleImages via canva.com

Most Millennials are into long-term and sustainable financial goals.

Embracing Diversity

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AndreyPopov via Canva.com

Millennials champion diversity in all forms, whether racial, gender, or sexu@lity.

Global Awareness

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FatCamera via Canva.com

With the internet, Millennials are more informed about global issues and keen on participating in solving them.

So, Baby Boomers, it might be time to quit the Millennial-bashing and take a moment to appreciate these tech-savvy change-makers for who they are.

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