20 Things That Were Way Harder “Back in the Day” (But We Survived)

Ephraim Obare
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Things That Were Way Harder ‘Back in the Day’ (But We Survived) presents a nostalgic exploration of past challenges and how they were overcome, serving as a reminder of human resilience and adaptability. So, let’s take a nostalgic walk down memory lane and explore how the daily tasks we take for granted today were quite a challenge “Back in the Day.” Before the advent of modern technology and advancements, simple day-to-day activities required more effort, time, and patience.

However, we survived those times and thrived, learning resilience and resourcefulness. This piece recounts twenty typical tasks that were substantially harder in the past, a reminiscence of a bygone era that shaped our present.

Things That Were Way Harder Back in the Day

Finding Information

Things That Were Way Harder
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Before the internet and Google, finding information required a trip to the library and sifting through countless books or encyclopedias.


DNY59 via canva.com


Long-distance communication used to be a big deal. No emails, no instant messages – just letters that took days, if not weeks, to arrive.


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Photo Credit: Jacob Lund via Canva


With today’s digital cameras and smartphones, it’s easy to forget the painstaking process of film photography – shooting, developing, and printing.


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Tourism Australia via Canva.com


Without GPS and online ticket booking, traveling was a more complex process involving paper maps and travel agents.


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Before streaming services, you had to wait a whole week for the next episode of your favorite TV show.


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image credit: JohnnGreig via Canva.com


No online banking meant long bank queues for transactions or to check account balances.


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Jelena via Canva.com


Shopping online was non-existent. If you needed something, you had to visit different stores to compare prices physically.


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Without online courses and digital textbooks, education was confined to classrooms and heavy textbooks.

Cooking Recipes

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Before the internet, we relied on cookbooks, culinary magazines, or word-of-mouth recipes.


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Online dating apps weren’t a thing. People met potential partners through friends, social events, or random encounters.


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Paul Tamas Images via canva.com


Before digital music and streaming services, people purchased music in physical formats like cassettes and CDs.


Not Watching the News on TV
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Newspapers and radio broadcasts were the primary sources of news. No online updates or social media breaking news.

Typing Documents

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Without word processors, typing involved typewriters, with no easy way to correct mistakes.

Job Search

odd job apps
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Before LinkedIn or job portals, finding a job meant scouring newspaper classifieds or relying on connections.

Making Calculations

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Without digital calculators, complex calculations were done manually or by sliding rulers.

Storing Files

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Before cloud storage, files were stored in physical formats like paper, floppy disks, or hard drives.

Health Information

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Canva by Studioroman


Finding health information meant consulting doctors or reading medical books, not WebMD.

Weather Forecast

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Photo: © Andre Furtado from Pexels via canva.com


Without weather apps, people relied on TV news forecasts or the radio for weather updates.

House Hunting

Provided by Frenz


Before online real estate listings, house hunting meant physically visiting properties or relying on agents.

Keeping Time

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Photo: © rkankaro via canva.com


Without smartphones or digital watches, people relied on wall clocks, wristwatches, or public clocks to keep time.

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