20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless

Ephraim Obare
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Welcome, dear readers, to our wildly enlightening journey into the mysterious, often eyebrow-raising, daily rituals of women that leave men utterly speechless.

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Buckle up, gents and curious ladies, as we embark on this rollercoaster ride through a labyrinth of routines, multitasking marvels, and emotional check-ins that might leave you questioning how these extraordinary members of our species manage to do it all. Remember, folks; it’s not witchcraft—it’s just women’s work!

Mastering the “I’m-Walking-Quickly-But-Not-So-Quick-That-You’ll-Sense-My-Fear” Pace When Someone Is Tailing You Like a Shadow

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Motortion via canva.com

Here’s a daily ritual that’s so splendidly subtle you might not even notice it. It’s the art of mastering the “I’m-walking-quickly-but-not-so-quick-that-you’ll-sense-my-fear” pace. Imagine you’re leaving the office late one night, and there’s that guy, you know, who’s always oddly loitering around, tailing you like your own uninvited shadow.

The key to this ritual is maintaining a speed that is, let’s say, brisk without being an outright dash, a pace that screams “I’m confident and busy,” not “I’m terrified of you.” It’s a fine line, a dance of sorts, and ladies, we’ve got the moves.

Calling Friends When Riding Solo in a Taxi: Because Even Superheroines Need a Sidekick for Safety!

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Nzewi Confidence’s Images via canva.com

Fasten your seat belts, gents, because this is one secret that’s shared by women worldwide. We all know that women are powerhouses in multitasking. So, it’s no surprise that when we’re riding solo in a taxi, we bring our A-game of prudence into play. We’re on the phone with a friend, discussing anything from the latest Netflix binges to the outrageous price of avocados these days.

But here’s the plot twist – it’s not just about killing time or catching up. This call is our covert safety check-in, our way of ensuring someone knows where we are and what we’re doing. Because, hey, even Wonder Woman had the Justice League on speed dial!

The Tactical Art of “Seat Buddies”: Sitting Near Women on Public Transport To Maximize Safety and Minimize Harassment

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
hobo_018 via canva.com

Next up, ladies and gents, we have the delicate art of “Sit Buddies.” Imagine you’re on a crowded bus or train, and then, drum roll, a woman strategically plops herself down next to another woman. It’s not just about snagging that elusive empty seat; it’s about creating a small but mighty fortress against potential harassment.

This daily ritual, often unspoken but widely practiced, has women helping women, offering an invisible shield of sisterhood. It’s the unheralded ballet of public transportation safety, unnoticeable to most but crucial for those who benefit. It’s not just seat selection; it’s a quiet act of solidarity.

Skipping Out on Absolute Early Birds or Late-Night Outings Because, Well, Safety First

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Dean Drobot via canva.com

We’re shaking things up on the “early bird gets the worm” front. For us ladies, skipping out on absolute early birds or late-night outings isn’t a sign of laziness or a lack of social life. It’s a simple yet strategic safety-first policy. While we’d love to enjoy the serenity of a 5 am jog or dance the night away, we’re acutely aware of the need to prioritize our safety.

But hey, we’re not missing out. Our early morning and late-night hours are filled with a flurry of activities at home – from indulging in a quiet reading session to unwinding with a soothing skincare routine. And let’s not forget about the joy of an undisturbed Netflix binge!

Using the “Pretending To Be on the Phone” Tactic Like a Boss to Dodge Unwanted Attention

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
South_agency via canva.com

Ladies, we’ve all been there. That moment is when we sense unwanted attention in a public space, bar, or maybe even the grocery store. Well, here’s a secret ritual we’ve mastered – The “Pretending To Be on the Phone” tactic. Forget martial arts; this is the true ninja move. It’s simple yet effective as soon as we sense that unwanted gaze, our hand dives into the bag, and voila, phone at the ear.

We start an animated conversation with – well, nobody. We ask about the kids, the weather, anything really. We even throw in a few laughs for authenticity. Because ladies, nothing says “Busy. Not interested. Move along now,” like a woman in the middle of a phone call. And thus, we dodge that unwanted attention like a boss.

Wearing a Wedding Ring To Lower the Chances of Men Hitting On You. Apparently, They Respect Another Man’s “Property” More Than a Woman’s Right To Say No. How About That for Twisted Logic?

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Michael Derrer Fuchs via canva.com

Ladies, here’s a tip that might blow your mind and keep those pesky, unsolicited advances at bay. Wear a wedding ring! Yes, you heard it right. It’s not about pretending to be married or faking commitment, but rather a strategic move in the game of public interaction. A simple band on that “I do” finger can work wonders as a gentleman deterrent, an invisible shield against unwelcome suitors. It’s an age-old trick, but don’t be surprised by its effectiveness.

While it’s unfortunate that we need such tactics, it’s a quick fix for those situations when you’re just not in the mood for unnecessary attention. So next time you head out, don’t forget to accessorize!

Outsmarting: Assigning Fictitious Names and Phone Numbers to Men Instead of Risking Their Ire Upon Rejection

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Leung Cho Pan via canva.com

Brilliant, isn’t it? As a woman, navigating the treacherous waters of dating and casual encounters can be a minefield. To avoid any unpleasant or downright scary reactions to a simple “No, thank you,” some gals have turned this diplomatic evasion into an art form.

They dish out fake numbers or even pseudonyms quicker than a skilled poker dealer. It’s a survival technique, refined over time and experiences – a little white lie that provides protection while sparing feelings. Now, isn’t that a trick worth learning?

Silently Enduring Verbal Harassment: Afraid That Fighting Back Might Escalate It Into a Violent Symphony

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Keira Burton from Pexels via canva.com

Let’s step into the realm of the unsaid. Picture this: a woman, in any corner of the world, becoming the recipient of unwanted commentary – the infamous catcalling, the unsolicited remarks, or even the “friendly” workplace gibes. It’s like a slow-drip poison of words, so common yet so overlooked. Now, there’s a secret weapon here that men might not be privy to.

Women often silently endure this verbal abuse. Why, you ask? Fear. The fear that pushing back against the tirade might provoke the harasser, transforming the verbal symphony into a violent concerto. It’s the silent game of endurance – a daily ritual that leaves many women emotionally exhausted.

Keeping Your Drink Under the “Handy” Cover of Your Own Hand and Roping in a Trustworthy Friend To Play Drink Guardian While You Answer Nature’s Call at the Bar

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Jag_cz via canva.com

Oh, the covert operations that go into safeguarding a lady’s drink at social gatherings. It’s more intricate than a spy movie. Ladies, you know the drill. You’ve got your drink nestled in the “handy” cover of your own hand, clutching it like it’s the last ticket to a Beyoncé concert. This is not just because we’re terribly possessive about our beverages (okay, maybe a little), but it’s our No. 1 line of defense against unsolicited substances.

And then there’s the buddy system. We rope in our most dependable friends to play “drink guardian” when nature calls. Because, let’s face it, leaving your drink unattended is about as sensible as handing over your Instagram password to a stranger. Subtle, perhaps. Unnecessary? Men might think so. But ladies, we know it’s just part of our everyday survival guide.

Date With a Stranger: Keeping a Friend Updated on Your Location Because Safety First!

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
GeorgeRudy via canva.com

Okay, gentlemen, buckle up because here comes another ritual: The “Date with a Stranger” protocol. Now, you might think it’s all about picking an outfit that screams ‘casual chic’ and perfectly applying that smudge-proof lipstick.

But there’s more to the story. Before she steps out, she quickly texts her most trusted friend, sharing the location details and her date’s name. Why, you ask? Well, even in the age of swiping right and left, safety comes first, boys! So, while she’s busy dazzling her date, her friend is virtually there, watching over her like a guardian angel. Safety? Check. Sisterhood? Double check!

Working Hard, Even Though You Know You’re Getting Paid Less Than Your Male Counterparts. Time To Break Those Glass Ceilings and Show Them Who’s Boss!

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Kaspars G via canva.com

Ladies, let’s talk about the professional hustle. You know, the one where you’re nailing deadlines, leading projects, and putting in extra hours, all while wearing heels and a smile. The one where you’re quietly aware that your paycheck isn’t quite as heavy as your male coworker’s, the one who has the audacity to ask you for tech help on a regular basis.

But do you let this disheartening pay gap slow you down? Absolutely not. You continue to crush it because you’re not just working for a paycheck; you’re working to shatter glass ceilings, break stereotypes, and prove that success isn’t determined by gender. You’re working hard, even though you know you’re getting paid less. Now, gentlemen, try not to be too speechless; we’re just warming up.

Mastering the Art of Faking Happiness and Perky Vibes When You’re Not Feeling It, To Avoid Being Labeled a B Word

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Lesia S. via canva.com

A fine skill many of us women have honed to perfection. How often are we quelling the urge to snarl when someone asks, “Smile, why so serious?” Oh, if they only knew! The faked laughter, the pasted smiles, the cheery “I’m fines”—all to avoid the dreaded label of being a “Debbie Downer” or, god forbid, the B-word (and no, we don’t mean Birthday).

We’re all starring in our little dramas, where a happy face is a ticket to societal acceptance. But hey, wait until they discover our secret – that underneath that bubbly exterior, we’re plotting world domination, one fake smile at a time!

Feigning Patience While Continuously Being Interrupted by Men

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
YakobchukOlena via canva.com

Feigning patience while being continuously interrupted by men – oh, the sheer thrill of it! It’s that adrenaline-pumping moment when she’s halfway through sharing an idea in a meeting, and Bob from accounting interjects with his unsolicited two cents. Or when she’s recounting a gripping tale to a group of friends, and suddenly Mike decides it’s the perfect time for his anecdote about that one time at band camp.

The practice of smiling politely, nodding, and courteously waiting for the man-interruption to end is a daily ritual performed with the grace of a seasoned actress. It’s a skill that is passed down from generation to generation, like a precious family heirloom or a secret recipe for resilience and perseverance. Women everywhere, let’s toast the art of feigning patience!

Ditto, Ditto, and More Ditto! Repeating Yourself Incessantly To Drive Your Point Home

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Syda Productions via canva.com

And now, gentlemen, we present to you the enthralling world of Ditto, Ditto, and More Ditto! For us women, it’s the same as saying, “I told you so,” but with a touch more panache. We repeat ourselves, not because we’re stuck on a loop, but to ensure our point is so deeply engraved in our minds that we can recite it in our sleep.

It’s like our own form of mental hypnotism – but instead of a gold watch swinging back and forth, we opt for a repeated phrase or two. Consider it a gentle nudge in the right direction or a friendly reminder that we’re usually right. After all, we respect your hearing abilities; we doubt your listening skills a tad bit.

Bidding Farewell To Unwanted Hair on Armpits, Legs, and the Bikini Line! Apparently, It’s Considered “Gross” on Women but Totally Acceptable on Men. Isn’t Societal Double Standards Just Hilarious?

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
SHOTPRIME via canva.com

Let’s take a moment to salute the women out there who regularly partake in the ritual of bidding adieu to unwanted body hair. It’s a delicate ballet performed with the grace of a swan, a laser’s precision, and a gladiator’s bravery.

Each stroke of the razor or rip of the wax strip is a testament to their dedication to smoothness. Armpits, legs, bikini lines – no terrain is too intimidating.

Finding Perfect Balance Between Covering up and Being Seen as “Indecent” – The Struggle Is Real!

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Mix and Match Studio via canva.com

Ah, the age-old balancing act of dressing to express yourself and avoiding those raised eyebrows of judgment from society! Every woman knows this struggle well. It’s not about ‘covering up’ or ‘leaving little to the imagination’; it’s about choosing an outfit that matches the woman’s mood, the occasion, the weather, heck, even the alignment of the stars if you’re into that sort of thing!

Yet, the world seems to have a Ph.D. in ‘read-a-woman’s-character-based-on-her-outfit.’ So ladies, remember that your wardrobe is your canvas next time you’re standing in front of your closet. Paint it as you please, and let the critics be as they are – speechless!

Rocking Makeup: Because Your Bare Face Isn’t Taking Any Chances! Embrace the Artistry or Do It Because You Love It, and Watch the Haters Try to Label You as Fake

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Maria Gloss from Pexels via canva.com

Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up for this one: Rocking Makeup! This a well-known secret of the female kind, but let’s spill the beans – it’s not solely about vanity or trying to impress. No sir! It’s about arming oneself for the day and ensuring we’re not leaving anything to chance. Consider it as an artist prepping their canvas – a dash of concealer here, a sweep of bronzer there, perhaps a bold lip or a smoky eye, depending on the day’s battles.

Like knights in shining armor, we face the world with our makeup on, ready to conquer whatever the day throws at us. The daily ritual leaves many a man speechless, and ladies; we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Contemplating if Your Forthcoming Tweet or Facebook Status Will Unleash a Storm of Trolling and Harassment

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Odua Images via canva.com

Ah, the sweet, sweet taste of social media. It’s a delightful recipe of cat videos, foodie snaps, and…potential trolling and harassment! For many women, a seemingly innocent tweet or a Facebook status has far greater implications than one might think.

It’s like stepping into a minefield with a blindfold, where each word, hashtag, or emoji can trigger an explosion of unsolicited, often unpleasant, reactions. So we sit and contemplate, each post carefully crafted, each word meticulously chosen, all hoping to avoid the troll storm. It’s a science, an art, and a daily ritual, all wrapped together.

Dodging Awkward Questions: Keeping Your Relationship Status, Fertility, and Home Life a Mystery From Nosy Relatives, Bosses, and Even Strangers!

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Mix and Match Studio via canva.com

Oh, the art of dodging awkward questions – a skill perfected by women over centuries of unsolicited inquiries. Picture the scene: you’re at a family gathering, and Aunt Edna, who has an uncanny knack for delving into matters as sensitive as a live grenade, comes over. “So, when are you two planning on having kids?” she asks, with a cheeky glint in her eye.

In one swift motion, you’ve switched the conversation to her infamous apple pie recipe, leaving Aunt Edna none the wiser and you unscathed. It’s not evasion, dear reader; it’s survival – a delicate ballet danced on a stage where the floorboards are lined with dynamite.

Avoiding Pregnancy? Take the Pill! Sorry Fellas, Still No Male Equivalent

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Pixelshot via canva.com

Consider this: every morning, millions of women worldwide pop a tiny pill that keeps their bodies from doing what they’re biologically designed to do—get pregnant.

That’s right, fellas, while you’re still waiting for your version of the “don’t put a bun in the oven” pill, women have mastered this ritual for years! No alarms, no surprises, just a simple gulp, and voila—baby-free!

Source: Quora. 

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