13 ‘Lazy’ Habits That Secretly Showcase Exceptional Intelligence

Ephraim Obare
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Welcome, folks! Brace yourselves for a revelation that might flip your understanding of intelligence on its head—ever been labeled a ‘daydreamer’ or ‘lazy’ because you enjoy a good ponder while gazing into nothingness? Or perhaps you’ve been called ‘disorganized’ for having a workspace that looks like a hurricane just swept by?

Well, it’s time to wear these titles like badges of honor. Believe it or not, these so-called ‘lazy’ habits can be secret signs of exceptional intelligence. So, let’s dive into the mysterious world of brilliant yet unconventional minds and unveil these 13 ‘lazy’ habits that might reveal a genius lurking within!


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Often seen as a sign of laziness, daydreaming indicates an active and creative mind. During these moments of ‘distraction,’ the brain can make novel connections, leading to innovative ideas and solutions.

Reading for Pleasure

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Curling up with a book might seem like a leisure activity, but it’s a mental workout. It boosts cognitive abilities, enhances empathy, and broadens the worldview.

Late Bedtimes

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Some might call it slacking, but research suggests night owls tend to have higher IQs. They are often the ones who indulge in intellectual pursuits when the world sleeps.


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A cluttered place isn’t necessarily a sign of disorganization. It can denote a mind that prioritizes substance over appearance, inviting creativity and new ideas.


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Far from being a mindless habit, doodling can improve focus, spur creativity, and help in problem-solving. It’s also known to reduce stress and anxiety.

Talking to Yourself

Talking to Yourself
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It’s not a sign of madness but an effective method to clarify thoughts, remember things better, and sharpen mental focus.

Take naps

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Those afternoon snoozes aren’t just indulgent breaks. Naps can enhance alertness, improve memory, and foster creative thinking.


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While excessive procrastination is detrimental, moderate procrastination can foster innovation, allowing time for ideas to incubate.

Walking Slowly

Walking Slowly
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A stroll may appear lazy, but when moving aimlessly, our minds can wander and generate new ideas.

Being Quiet

Quiet Mornings
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It’s not always the loudest in the room who are the smartest. Quiet individuals often observe and absorb more, leading to informed decisions and insightful contributions.

Ignoring Small Talk

Ignoring Small Talk
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People who avoid small talk aren’t being antisocial. They often prefer meaningful conversations that stimulate intellectual curiosity.

Being Forgetful

Being Forgetful
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Forgetfulness isn’t always a bad sign. It can denote a brain that prioritizes the important and filter out the irrelevant.

Ignoring Fashion Trends

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People who don’t follow fashion trends might not be lazy but focus their energy on intellectual pursuits, remaining unaffected by superficial societal pressures.

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