Top 15 Reasons Why Cats Follow Us to The Bathroom

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Now, you might call it quirky, cute, or downright odd, but it’s a universal cat behavior we’re all too familiar with. So, why exactly does Mittens intrude on your personal potty time? It’s not just because she lacks a sense of feline decorum (although that could be part of it 😉). Let’s get ‘purr-sonal,’ shall we?

It’s All Love!

cat and man
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Yes, really! Cats are known for their independence and aloofness, but truthfully, they can be quite the softies. By accompanying you, even to such private moments, they’re saying, “Hey, I love you and want to keep you within my sight, no matter where you are, even if it’s downright awkward for you!”

They Like Routine

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Cats, much like your dear old grandmother, are creatures of habit. They like it when things follow a set routine – breakfast at dawn, nap at noon, and tailing you into the bathroom whenever nature calls. They’ve probably marked it in their secret feline calendar – “3 pm, follow human to the restroom.”

Separation Anxiety 😱

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Yes, just like toddlers, cats can experience separation anxiety, too. They grow accustomed to your presence and routines so much that when you disappear behind that mystical bathroom door, they fear they might never see you again. Talk about being a scaredy-cat, huh?

Good Old Curiosity

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When you disappear behind a closed door, their feline minds run wild. Think of it from their perspective – there’s water flowing, weird noises, and their favorite human is in there. It’s like the ultimate cat mystery, and they simply can’t resist cracking the case!

They’re Just Hungry

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Cats are notoriously food-driven creatures. It’s their version of being ‘hangry.’ Their logic goes something like this: “Oh, you’re headed to the bathroom? That’s two steps away from the kitchen, and the kitchen is where the food is. If I follow you there, it’s a shorter trip to my next meal.”

They’ve Come To Play

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Your cat views your bathroom as another room filled with fascinating things that scream “playtime.” The rustling of the shower curtain, the echo of droplets pinging off the porcelain sink, even the twirling of the toilet paper – it’s all a cat’s version of an amusement park.

They’re on Supervisor Mode

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When you head to the bathroom, your feline friend might follow you to ensure that you’re performing your toiletry tasks up to their high standards. They might not have clipboards or wear little supervisor hats, but their watchful eyes mean business. Remember, quality control is a cat’s unofficial job, and they take it quite seriously!


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Your cat’s saying, “I feel safe around you, even if you’re just doing your business.” They view you as their trusted companion, protector from the world’s evils, and, quite ironically, their personal bodyguard.

They’re Looking for Water

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Cats are peculiar creatures, and one of their quirks is their preference for drinking running water over still water. Your cat might have spotted you turning on the tap before, and being the intelligent creature it is, may have associated your bathroom trips with the possibility of fresh water.

They Want To Protect You

Photo: © Krasimira Dicheva via

You see, in the cat world, the pack member who is performing… well… “the deed” is at their most vulnerable. Your kitty, being the loyal creature it is, has taken it upon itself to protect you in these critical moments.

Attention Seeking…

Cats Cannot Taste Sweet Things
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Your cat isn’t there to judge your choice of bathroom candle or critique your singing; they simply can’t bear the thought of you having a moment of peace while they’re not the center of attention. It’s their feline version of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)!

Sinks Look Like beds…to Cats of Course

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Remember, cats love to lounge in places that contour to their bodies, and a sink is the perfect size for them to curl up and watch the world (or you) go by. Plus, with the cool porcelain against their fur, it’s like their summer retreat – it’s all about that tubular life!

They Just Want Your Company

Man sleeping with cat
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Simply put, our cats just enjoy our company. They adore us, their favorite humans, and every moment spent together — even in the bathroom — counts as bonding time in their little cat minds.

Your Scent

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Cats have a sense of smell fourteen times stronger than humans. So, your unique scent is like a neon sign in the darkness to them. When you’re in the bathroom, your scent is more concentrated. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Out of Sheer Boredom

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