21 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists

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The fascinating world of Hollywood is as diverse as it is compelling. Beyond the glitz and glamour, there’s an array of individual beliefs, perspectives, and principles.

Among these, a significant number of celebrities have expressed atheistic views, either distancing themselves from religious affiliations or embracing a secular approach to life. Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the most eminent celebrities who identify as atheists.

George Clooney

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Image credit: Paul Bird via Wikimedia Commons

Acclaimed actor and filmmaker George Clooney stands tall among those who have left an indelible mark on cinema. His versatile roles and humanitarian efforts often overshadow his personal beliefs, which lean towards atheism.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
(L) Angelina Jolie by Gage Skidmore (R) Brad Pitt by Eva Rinaldi via WikiCommons

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, beyond their high-profile relationship, have individually expressed secular views. Their dedication to global humanitarian causes demonstrates their commitment to tangible action over religious ideology.

Zac Efron

20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
Zac Efron by Ivo Duran via WikiCommons

With his captivating performances and charm, Zac Efron remains a heartthrob in the industry. Off-screen, Efron steers clear of religious affiliations, aligning more with atheistic views.

Bruce Willis

20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
Bruce Willis by Alan Light via WikiCommons

Known for his iconic roles in action-packed films, Bruce Willis has been candid about his detachment from organized religion, suggesting that modern faith systems might be on the decline.

Daniel Radcliffe

20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
Daniel Radcliffe by Gage Skidmore at San Diego Comicon via WikiCommons

While the world recognizes him as the beloved Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe maintains a private life where religious beliefs don’t play a pivotal role.

Johnny Depp

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Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Johnny Depp, with his array of diverse roles, has always remained an enigma. In his interactions, he’s revealed a deeper faith in personal connections, particularly his children, over traditional religious beliefs.

Joaquin Phoenix

20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
Joaquin Phoenix by Harald Krichel via WikiCommons

Joaquin Phoenix, with his enigmatic on-screen presence and roles that push boundaries, often treads a path less traveled. This extends to his beliefs as well. Phoenix’s stance on religion remains private for the most part, but his choices and roles often challenge traditional religious narratives, leading many to speculate on his secular viewpoints.

Janelle Evans

20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
Image Copyright – Gregg DeGuireWireImage

Another star from the reality TV universe, Janelle Evans, has had her life under the microscope for years. While navigating the challenges of fame and personal struggles, Evans’ beliefs lean towards atheism. Her choices and statements over the years hint at a worldview that is independent of religious doctrine, emphasizing the importance of individual beliefs and personal experiences.

Amber Heard

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Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Growing up in a Catholic school didn’t deter Amber Heard from charting her own spiritual path. While respectful of others’ beliefs, Heard herself veers away from organized religion.

Helen Mirren

20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
Helen Mirren by Luke Rauscher via WikiCommons

Dame Helen Mirren is not a believer in God, but she does hold faith in fairies and abide by the “golden rule.” This Oscar-winning actress lives a spiritual life rooted in empathy and self-awareness, although she refrains from seeking guidance from any higher authority through prayer.

Emma Thompson

20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
Emma Thompson by Elena Ternovaja via WikiCommons

British actress Emma Thompson also considers herself a non-believer. She once stated that she views religion with “fear and suspicion.” Thompson often speaks out about the importance of women’s rights and other social issues, showing that her values are closely linked to justice and freedom.

Steve Carell 

20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
Steve Carell with wife Nancy Walls by Sgt. Michael Connors via WikiCommons

On a slightly lighter note, Steve Carell is an outspoken atheist. He’s publicly expressed his disdain for organized religion, noting it “makes me uncomfortable.” His comedic style has won him countless awards, proving even atheists can be funny. Carell’s anti-religious stance hasn’t stopped him from starring in several faith-based films, although he concedes that they make him uncomfortable.

George Carlin

20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
George Carlin 1975 (Little David Records) via WikiCommons

Legendary American comedian George Carlin was an atheist throughout his life and often joked about religion on stage. In one of his most famous routines, he pointed out the absurdity of religious beliefs and argued that logical thinking should be the basis of all decision-making. Carlin was never afraid to push boundaries, and his willingness to challenge traditional views made him a favorite among atheists.

Seth McFarlane

20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
Seth MacFarlane by Gage Skidmore via WikiCommons

Seth McFarlane, known for his satirical genius, is unabashedly atheistic. His candidness about his beliefs, favoring critical thinking over traditional religious narratives, is well-documented.

Kevin Bacon

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Kevin Bacon, the actor famously associated with the “six degrees” phenomenon, has been candid about his secular beliefs. Beyond his impressive cinematic oeuvre, Bacon has openly stated his lack of belief in a divine entity, emphasizing the beauty of human connections and experiences.

Morgan Freeman

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JCS via Wikimedia Commons

The deep, resonant voice of Morgan Freeman has narrated countless tales on screen, but off-screen, Freeman’s beliefs steer clear of the religious domain. Although he has played God in movies, in his personal life, he holds a more contemplative, secular stance, emphasizing spirituality over religion.

Kathy Griffin

20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
Kathy Griffin by nrkbeta via WikiCommons

Comedienne Kathy Griffin is not one to shy away from controversy. Known for her razor-sharp wit, Griffin identifies not just as an atheist but as a “militant atheist.” She exemplifies the notion that one’s beliefs, or lack thereof, can be worn as a badge of honor.

Uma Thurman

20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
Uma Thurman by Gorup de Besanez via WikiCommons

Uma Thurman’s views on religion are as nuanced as her film roles. While she appreciates elements from various religions, she doesn’t commit wholly to any singular belief system. Her eclectic approach is a testament to the idea that one can appreciate religious tenets without adhering to them.

Hugh Laurie

20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
Hugh Laurie by Fido via WikiCommons

Best known for his role as the brilliant yet troubled Dr. House, Hugh Laurie’s skepticism extends beyond the screen. A man of science, both in character and real life, Laurie has often expressed his atheistic leanings, emphasizing the importance of evidence and rationality.

Julianne Moore

20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
Julianne Moore by Siebbi via WikiCommons

Acclaimed actress Julianne Moore’s perspective on life and belief is profoundly personal. Following the unexpected demise of her mother in 2009, Moore has emphasized the significance of forging one’s own path. In her view, individuals craft their destinies without the intervention of a divine entity.

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20 Most Notable Celebrity Atheists
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